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R.itround the short for Halle Berry but with a haircut with a decidedly alternative flavor and out of any stereotype for the leading actress of the thriller Mother Land, presented at the Cannes Market and to start shooting at the beginning of 2023.

Halle Berry’s new hair look is not only a 55-year-old style twist, but also a tribute to fans. The hairstylist Lucio Ocria, hair director Glow Hair & Beyond of Milan, reveals what the features of the new bi-color cut of the former Catwoman and what types of face and personality it enhances.

Halle Berry, the new two-tone haircut: who’s good for it

When she showed herself to the public with the new gritty and self-confident hairstyleHalle Berry said in a tweet that the choice was made to satisfy a specific request: “It is dedicated to all my fantastic fans who wanted to “back my short hair“.

Halle Berry’s new platinum blonde and shaved hairlook (Credits: Getty Images)

Not the usual very short brown typical of Halle Berry – which we remember at the beginning of his career – but an original and contemporary interpretation of it which makes it a solution for those who are tired of the usual style and want a change.

Halle Berry, the haircut for the Oscars unleashes the irony of the web

Halle Berry, the haircut for the Oscars unleashes the irony of the web

Undercut cut, rock and fresh

Let’s start with the cut: an extra-short… in half. It is a undercut cut created by his hairstylist of trust Sara Seward, that the world was able to admire for the first time on the red carpet of the Critics Choice Awards 2022 last March 13.

The short of Halle Berry can be considered hybrid because it combines the angularity of a short rock with the sweetness of a long tuft.

Games of lengths and shaves

“With a rock and angular soul, the undercut plays with the opposite lengths to create strong and super strong contours. In the case of Halle Barry, the shaving on the nape and sides of the face aims to enhance the maxi-fringe.

However, there is one detail that makes a big difference: the base is not canceled as generally happens with this type of cut, but it is well designed and evident. With her “gentle” presence she manages to make the face extremely feminine », explains Lucio Ocria.

Platinum blonde and brown, Halle Berry’s contrasting look

To give character to the cut, the sharp color contrastbetween long bleached lockson the top of the head and on the maxi-tuft, with the rest of the hair, dark brown color.

«Personal nature and somatic characteristics are the elements to be taken into consideration before daring this kind of hairstyle. It should be noted that it is not a solution for everyone. Starting with the temperament: whoever adopts it must have a strong and casual character“.

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“And then, even if it is a versatile solution capable of adapting to any shape of oval, should be avoided in case of sharp or long nose and chinwhich would be highlighted by the large band that partially covers the face »concludes the hairstylist.


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