Halloween 2022, brand new TV series for your marathon

Horror TV series for Halloween 2022: are you ready for a nightmare night?

It is in the darkness that the macabre reigns. It is in the night that, quoting a phrase from Goya, “the sleep of reason generates monsters”. It is with the falling of darkness that fear grips us, making us shiver, making us put our hands in front of our eyes so as not to look. The night of Halloweenall these sensations, he carries with him.

The darkest party of the year represents the most awaited moment by all those who love horror stories, including stories of ghosts, vampires and monsters ready to make us live nightmare moments. Halloween, a Celtic recurrence whose symbolism is linked to the theme of the occult and death, promises every time new terrifying stories to discover, with the heart in the throat and – for all those who love moving images – sequences built specifically to terrify us .

Roman Agency – Haunted houses for sale

10 brand new series

Those who love all this will be scared as much as possible along the night between October 31st and November 1st thanks to some brand new TV series that in this month of October have made their entry into the panels of the main digital platforms. From pure horror to psychological thriller, from sci-fi to mystery: we have chosen 10 for you, for your marathon Halloween 2022. Episode after episode, in the middle of the night, with a tension that, in the dark, risks becoming unbearable. You are ready?

1- Roman Agency – Haunted houses for sale – Sky and Now (from 2 October)

Halfway between comedy and horror, this series created by George Olsen (already renewed for a second season, which will arrive in 2023) sees Luke Roman (Tim Rozon), the owner of the Roman Agency who, with the collaboration of Susan Irleand (Sarah Levy), deals with houses that are impossible to sell: the haunted ones. Between demons, paranormal phenomena and ghosts, each episode – albeit lightly told – contains all (absolutely all) the classic elements of horror films. By the way: have you ever wondered what if your house was haunted?

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