Halloween lands in the Metaverse and on TikTok

There Halloween party stands for scary as well as fun experiences, so why not celebrate it in a place, literally, out of this world? Let’s talk about the metaverse of course: Meta has launched several programs in view of Halloween 2022 promising original and innovative adventures. And this is not the only Big Tech company that has chosen pumpkins to promote new projects. TikTok is front row for the October 31st party with a trick and treat clip calendar designed to entertain the entire social community.


Halloween 2022 in the metaverse

Wearing the Meta Quest viewer, waiting for the new Quest Pro version, you can try the scary experiences made in the metaverse by Mark Zuckerberg’s company. Movies, shows and first-person adventures have been updated by Meta in honor of Halloween. Written and directed by horror expert Eli Roth, Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat is a 30-minute 180-degree virtual reality experience with actors Vanessa Hudgens and Will Sasso. The short film to interact with you can also watch without a viewer on Facebook and Instagram. In the multiverse dedicated to Horizon Worlds videogames adventure is available Nope inspired by the homonymous film by Jordan Peele. Inside, you can look for the easter eggs of horror movies Nope, Get Out and Us. Among the other adventures of the metaverse for Halloween there are also Alien Apocalypsea 360-degree VR video based on War of the Worlds by HG Wells e The Monster Challenge, in which you have to search for the characters Pennywise, Michael Myers and Slender Man before they find you. The killer clown is also featured in Pennywise the Dancing Clown: after wearing the viewer you will have to escape with your legs up – now that these are also visible in the metaverse – to avoid ending up in his hands.

The Facebook company’s metaverse isn’t the only place to experience horror adventures: startup Spatial has created an augmented reality experience inspired by Squid Game that promises to revive the killer games and trials of the Korean telefilm. You will have to try your hand at the first game Red Light Green Light and compete with the giant doll (aka Younghee) and other contestants for see who can get to the red line first. Even in virtual reality it’s best to stop when Younghee turns around.

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