Halo Infinite

New rumors suggest further changes in the top roles of 343 Industries. At least for the moment, however, Microsoft has not commented on the matter.

New rumors circulating on the net indicate that some leaders of 343 Industries, the Halo Infinite development team, would have left or are about to leave the studio.

According to the insider Brad Sams, some prominent personalities of the software company linked to Microsoft have already abandoned their offices. As always we invite you to take this information for what it is, that is simple rumor not confirmed by official sources.

Moreover, as you may recall, last month the creative director Tim Longo had been officially announced, which in the past had contributed to the development of Halo 5: Guardians. On that occasion, Microsoft itself confirmed the issue, stating that “the roles and responsibilities of various team members evolve regularly to meet the needs of a game, through development. We have recently had two chances at the team of development of Halo Infinite “.

Even these new departures could, therefore, be placed within the normal rotation of roles within a structured and leading team such as 343 Industries. We are clearly awaiting indications from the Redmond house.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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