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After five years with Valtteri Bottas as teammate, many were curious to observe the internal challenge between the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and the young man George Russell, joined Mercedes after three seasons on loan at Williams. When there are three races left at the end of the championship, it is Russell who is ahead of the most famous compatriot, fourth in the standings at +20 on Hamilton, sixth. However, Stevenage’s 37-year-old does not make dramas and provided his point of view on the delay from his colleague: “George is doing a great job, I have no problem with him. But George and his team don’t do the same experiments that I do on weekends. But it happens because I have been here for a long time and I am willing to take these risks. I have great conversations with engineers who have been here for ten years, for example Shovlin and I have a lot of constructive discussions. George, in his first year with the team, is doing the job to the best of his ability, without major set-up changes. I’m the one doing all the hard work of ‘fatigue’, back and forth with the set-up, with the wings and stuff like that. But I like it anyway ”. And he cut it short: “If we have a more satisfying car next year, then we can focus more on other things, without going crazy with the set-ups. And then we can start a better internal battle. If this year it should close in front of me, I will not worry about it. We are not leading the world championship, we are fourth and sixth. Had we been first and second it would have been different ”.

Hamilton, in the interesting interview granted to BBC Sportthen also spoke of the difficulties encountered with the W13: “Taking it to the limit is like approaching a horse. But what’s the breaking point before I kick you in the face? And you know it will hurt when it hits you. This is a random machine and trying to fix all the problems was exhausting. I didn’t expect the boys to take so long to solve the jolting problems. We held on to hope, but update after update things didn’t change. And imagine the people designing the pieces, watching the performance in the wind tunnel, but not seeing it on the track.“, And concluded:”It will not be easy to turn this car into the best one next year, but we understand better why this is the case. Personally I have tried everything, all possible adjustments. I told the team that I was willing to sacrifice all sessions as well to give information and data to the engineers. But in the end this created obstacles for me on some weekends ”.

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