Handball World Cup 2021: Polish women lost to Serbs at the inauguration. The moments were not enough

Both teams could not open the match for nearly four minutes, but in the end it was Serbki who scored the first goal. The rivals played a bit better than the Biało-Czerwonych and led practically throughout the first half. Still in the 27th minute, Jovanna Stoiljkovic had a two-minute penalty, allowing the Poles to make up for the advantage, but during that time only one hit was fired by Adrianna Górna. The first half ended at 16:13 for Serbek.

The beginning of the second half was disastrous for the Polish women, who for eight minutes could not find their way to the goal of the Serbian national team. The rivals were hit four times for this, and Monika Kobylińska was given a two-minute penalty. A good series started right after the fatal one, as Aleksandra Rosiak, Dagmara Nocuń and Magda Balsam scored in two minutes, and Jovana Kovacevic scored one goal again, Nocuń again and Balsam twice.

Polish women had many moments in which they could catch Serbia, but the last chance was lost one and a half minutes before the end when Stoiljkovic and Marija Petrovic scored successively, and the coach of the Polish national team, Arne Senstad, took the time. However, the advantage of Serbek was too great. Poland lost its first match of the World Cup in Spain.

Serbia – Poland 25:21 (16:13)

Serbia: Jovana Risovic, Kristina Graovac – Marija Agbaba, Jelena Agbaba 1, Andela Janjusevic 7, Ana Kojic 2, Tamara Radojevic 1, Tamara Kocic, Jovana Jovovic, Jovana Kovacevic 2, Aleksandra Stamenic, Marija Jovanovic, Natasa Stricoil 2, Jovicana 6 Kristina Liscevic, Marija Petrovic 4.

Poland: Monika Maliczkiewicz, Adrianna Płaczek, Barbara Zima – Aleksandra Zimny, Oktawia Płomińska, Monika Kobylińska 1, Magda Balsam 4, Marta Gęga, Sylwia Matuszczyk, Adrianna Górna 1, Aleksandra Rosiak 6, Natalia Nosek 4, Joanna Szarawaga, Kinga Achruk, Romana Roszak, Dagmara Nocuń 5.

MVP: Aleksandra Rosiak

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