Handbrake or stop? Opinions are divided

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For years, the arguments have been fought by two motoring poles. The first one includes drivers who perfectly remember the last decades of the 20th century. And they say that it is better not to tighten the handwheel at a standstill. Just leave the car running. On the other side there are people who cannot imagine parking without an auxiliary brake. We played a rather thankless role in this material. Because we have to decide once and for all who is right in this exchange. And so?

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How does a handbrake work?

At the beginning, maybe a bit of theory. The handbrake locks the calipers on the rear wheels. There is, however, a cable and a series of levers between the jack in the passenger compartment and the rear axle. The layout is extremely simple. Actually, it was. Because today the producers decided to complicate it a bit. There is a button in the cabin instead of a lever. And instead of a cable and levers, an electric motor that blocks the terminals. The electric handheld is slowly becoming the market standard.

Manual is an accessory. Why would it be unused?

Handbrake is the basic equipment of the vehicle. So why should drivers not use it? Especially that whether it is used or not, the mechanism will fail someday. In the case of the “analog” manual, the line and levers become dirty and corroded during operation – they are finally located under the chassis. As a result, the mechanism becomes blurred over time. The result is either a loose operation of the auxiliary brake or the brake callipers to lock up. Loose work means that there is practically no manual in the car. Blocking can effectively prevent you from moving away or damage the brake discs and pads.

Technology has moved on. Some drivers don’t …

Locking the rear brakes is the main reason why older drivers recommend leaving the car stationary only in gear, especially in winter. And although the view seems to have a fairly strong substantive basis, it is worth mentioning two aspects at this point. First of all, experiences with the manual freezing come mainly from cars like the Toddler, Polonez or Big Fiat. Technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years, so manual technology has become less unreliable.

Seconds - help or While standing on the red, push the brake firmly. This could activate a function you didn’t know

Secondly, it is worth remembering that the handbrake cable is a consumable element. Even if it does not corrode under the influence of water, and even if the driver does not use the auxiliary brake at all, it will become “loose” over time, and will need to be replaced anyway. Therefore, not using the manual one will not prevent it from malfunctioning. Failure to use the manual one will only cause the dirt collected on the rope to accumulate. As a result, the possibility of blocking the brakes will be intensified in the event that the driver occasionally applies the manual brake, e.g. when starting downhill.

Producer’s check and mate. Manual puff itself!

The arguments made so far clearly support the fact that in modern cars, despite everything, you should regularly use the manual regardless of the season or the temperature outside. In fact, however, the discussion is finally closed only by automotive manufacturers. Reason? This one is quite obvious. Nowadays, the electric manual is practically the standard. And this is not only devoid of the cable stretched between the cabin and the wheels, but also has it that whether the driver wants to or not, he puffs at the moment when the engine is turned off. Manual, based on an electric motor, it releases only when the driver fires up the drive unit and wants to move away.

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