Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Sharpay Evans, Rocky Blue… but who is the most stylish on the Disney Channel?

And when we say “salivate”, we are talking about the trickle of drool from (immature) adults who still sleep with their mouths open and stain the sheets.

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Suddenly, we drooled over the shoes, the heels, the accessories, the tops, the skirts, the scarves… and we wondered who was really THE most stylish girl on the Disney Channel. So, we re-re-watched the TV movies, the episodes and to end the debate, we elected the best-dressed character of the best years of Disney Channel (we even made a top 5):

#5. The Cheetah Girls with their panther outfits

If Destiny’s Child weren’t Destiny’s Child, the Cheetah Girls would have been Destiny’s Child. There were four of them, they sang like hell, danced like crazy, had filled their closets with leopard prints and above all, they had peach skin outfits that almost made us want to do aerobics.

But look at those poses, those printed bandanas, the matching gloves… pure genius.

See those leopard patches all over the jeans? It’s called haute couture.

#4. Y2K star Lizzie McGuire

She lived the (stylish) life of teenagers with a little brother who was too bulky and above all, she synthesized everything that was best in the 2000s: very low-rise jeans, a small tank top with thin straps, a colorful top on a long skirt, flared sleeves, velvet pants… Y2K goes all out.

Do you see that outfit? We’re packing it in our suitcases for Greece. And we don’t care if it’s hot. We ship it, we tell you.

A crop top and a Capri, the recipe for happiness (or the perfect look for a lunch by the sea).

#3. London Tipton, the Paris Hilton of the Paris Hiltons

In the (very lucky) family of heirs to luxury hotel chains, we take London. She always made us want to be rich or marry a real estate tycoon to enjoy her money and have London Tipton’s wardrobe. Her berets, her headbands, her pumps, her mini dog, her handbags… we wanted it all.

Look at that make-up, that fluffy beret, that slightly transparent top, that piece of convertible… London who are you really?

But who are Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn next to her?

#2. “This bitch takes me for Raven Phenomenon-Aya

If you don’t have the ref just above, we’ll explain to you: Aya Nakamura replied a little curtly to a fan who was angry with her for having the same Beyoncé concert date and her tweet – now deleted – made since part of the pop culture of Twitter, sorry, of X. All this to tell you that Raven Phenomenon is our number two and it is undoubtedly the first to have made us love fashion: denim jacket with pink faux fur, turtlenecks, colored leather boots, total printed look, customized jeans… We can say that she had sap that sap well as it should!

If we tell you that we dreamed of this jacket at night, do you believe us?

The little dice in the bun and the notched three-quarter sleeves? Back-to-school must-haves.

#1. And the Oscar goes to… La La Land! Oh Sorry, to Sharpay Evans!

It’s not that we want to be lathered and play nerds, but this title is another essential pop reference of a ceremony which crowned the bad live film. In any case, our Palme d’Or goes well and truly to Sharpay Evans, the one and only star ofHigh School Musical and year-end plays. She deserves all that is best on this Earth and even a little more. Sharpay gave us the love of well-rehearsed lyrics, well-articulated song and Barbiecore, before we even knew what it was. a pink miniskirt, a sequin trench coat, a feathered scarf baby pink, big fly glasses and a haughty air, if it’s not her, who is it?

This is not an outfit that Margot Robbie could have worn in Barbiewithout dec?

And they dared to think that she was in competition with Gabriella? bitch, please.

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