Happiness and Productivity, Two Terms That Go Together in Organizations

By: Alejandra Ordóñez –

Gone are the days when organizations focused only on achieving better productivity and profitability rates. Wellbeing has become more relevant in the work environment, as it is a place where employees spend most of their day. Achieving the creation of a healthy and safe environment in which mental and emotional health is a priority, guaranteeing employee productivity and quality of life, has become one of the priorities of HR leaders.

In this sense, organizations over the years have evolved to not only achieve greater productivity but also implement various practices and initiatives for the welfare of their employees through which they protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of workers. Want to Also happiness at work.

Within the framework of the initiative promoted by RRHH Digital and the Awards of Happiness (AOH), together with the Human Resources Association of Guatemala, to promote all areas related to human capital in Mexico and Central America, some of the award-winning leaders explain How their organizations are prioritizing the welfare of their human genius. One of them is Eduardo Leal, Director of the Human Capital Sector of Grupo Salinas Guatemala, who says that the organization is clear that the customer is the most important thing, but that in order to properly serve them and keep them satisfied, it also takes care of its employees. It is necessary to take care, whose number is more than 3,800 in the country today.

Condition: Organizational Wellbeing

“We must make sure they are well compensated and well prepared, but above all, we must be humane and empathetic to what they experience day in and day out,” explains the manager, who adds that For this reason a welfare department was implemented to meet the needs of all associates. “We are faithful, convinced that the work of our people is what keeps us alive. Our inclusive prosperity is one of our pillars, as well as our closeness to them. I have always believed that we The better you groom and treat your associates, the better results your company will get,” said Leal.

On the other hand, in Guatemala Nestlé has 1,800 associates in 2 factories, 5 distribution centers and central offices. Luis Diaz, Nestlé’s Senior HR Business Partner in Guatemala, highlighted that today there are many studies that show that having happy employees and being satisfied with their work environment increases the productivity of companies, so happiness and productivity go hand in hand. Things that go together. And both are a priority at Nestlé.

“One of the most important factors is a sense of belonging, it generates a purpose in people, well-being and happiness. When we manage to combine the purpose of the people with the purpose of the company, a family atmosphere is fostered and The company gets great results”, explains Díaz, who indicates that the company has a philosophy of work and well-being, as well as the policies they follow, from compensation and benefits to flexible hours. “We want to foster closeness through communication and celebration of achievements. The key is to always put people at the center of the organisation”, he added.

Putting people at the center of operations is also Panamerican Silver Guatemala’s strategy. For this reason, initiatives have been developed with the aim of listening empathetically to employees to find out how they think and feel, and based on this, implement actions that support their development. Are. “We have developed inclusion and diversity policies, as well as improving conditions to be able to develop not only technical knowledge but also other aspects such as better quality of life and health,” says Luis Colindres, HR Manager , which is his position 175 direct associate.

For Colindres, it is essential for Panamerican Silver colleagues to be able to express their concerns, ideas and concerns, because that is what they care about. For this, he says, many committees have been developed in which there is participation of not only a leader but of many people, “since participation is not subject to any condition, rather everyone can contribute. It creates a lot of good.” Because it makes people feel important and at the center of the company’s operations,” he says. In addition, a wellness program with three main axes was developed to meet the mental and emotional health needs of employees in 2022: physical conditioning, a nutrition program and psychological support.

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