Happy birthday to the revolutionary Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

She was the protagonist of the most awarded film in history, Titanic, which could have made her the queen of Hollywood blockbusters, but she preferred to devote herself to an independent cinema that would give her the opportunity to choose roles that are more congenial to her. After the famous film by James Cameron she is offered the lead role in Shakespeare in Love but refuses for more “intimate” films like Ideus Kinky – A train to Marrakech And Holy Smoke – Sacred Fire from Jane Campion.

The decisive and revolutionary character emerges already as a child. She is the daughter of theatrical actors, she studies acting at ten and a year later she appears in commercials for Sugar Puffs. At 17 he won his first role in the miniseries Anglo Saxon Attitudes, not caring about the teasing of her schoolmates who teased her about her weight. Being bullied will give her even more strength to move on and show herself naked whenever a role requires it.

It is 1994 when in the opening credits of the film Creatures of the sky the message “for the first time appears on the screen Kate Winslet”And from that moment an amazing career began. Director Peter Jacksonin her first non-horror film, chooses her from 175 actresses who had auditioned for the role of this marginalized assassin, finding in the angelic face of the Winslet the right personality. Creatures of the sky is a success and wins the Silver Lion for directing at the Venice Film Festival.

Kate Winslet

The following year the actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson convinces the director Ang Lee to choose Kate Winslet for the part of Marienne Dashwood in Reason and sentiment. She will thus have her first Oscar nomination And Emma Thompson will win the award for best screenplay.

Kate Winslet

There Winslet insists like a madwoman to get the role of Rose in Titanic (1997) and manages to outperform the competition from Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Madonna And Cameron Diaz. After the worldwide success of the film both she and the co-star Leonardo Dicaprio they become international stars and inseparable friends even in reality. They will work together again in 2008 in the film by Sam Mendesat the time husband of the Winslet, Revolutionary Road And Di Caprio he will give her the friendship ring with a very personal engraving that still remains a mystery today. In 2012 it will be her longtime friend of hers to accompany her to the altar for her wedding with Edward Abel Smith.

Kate Winslet

The Life of David Galethe beautiful If you leave me I delete you (2004), Neverland – A dream for life (2004), Love does not go on vacation (2006) are just some of the successes he will make throughout his career.

Kate Winslet

With The Reader – Out loud (2008) will therefore win theOscar for Best Actress: The film is an atypical love story, set in the 1950s, between a teenager and an illiterate former SS guard in concentration camps, who Winslet manages to outline perfectly with his talent and his physicality. Here, as in other films, the actress’s body appears in all its naturalness and when L’Oréal also wants her as a testimonial, a contract will be drawn up that will prohibit any photo retouching, so as to show a realistic and positive standard of beauty. .

Kate Winslet

In recent years he has worked with directors Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Danny Boyle and starred in and produced the hit HBO miniseries Murder in Easttown. TO 47 years old he finds himself with 7 nominations and an Oscar taken home, in the bathroom to be exact, 5 Golden Globes and 2 Emmys. We will soon find her again directed by the director of Titanic, James Cameronin Avatar – The way of water (2022).

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