Happy birthday Zdenek Zeman | Evaristo Beccalossi

Happy birthday Zdenek Zeman, Evaristo Beccalossi, Andrew Howe… (Thursday 12 May 2022)

… Ezio Nocera, Burt Bacharach, Fulvio Grimaldi, Paolo Casarin, Gian Pieretti, Angelo Attaguile, Carmelo Barbagallo, Emilio Estevez, Daniele Fossati, Camilla Sgambato, Marco di Stefano, Augusto de Megni, Luca Riemma, Roberto Calabrese, Riccardo Cortese, Gianluca Sansone , Sabina Radu, Niccolò Giannetti, Angela Gabbiadini, Federica di Criscio… Today May 12th is my birthday: Ezio Nocera, photo artist; Luigi Pozzi, former footballer; Cesare Marchetti, physicist; Roland Riz, politician, jurist; Burt Bacharach, pianist, composer; Gaetano Allotta, essayist; Fulvio Grimaldi, journalist, writer, TV presenter; Elio Mosele, politician; Marcello Silvestrini, linguist; Mauro Bosco, actor, voice actor; Nadia Liani, singer; Adriano Birtig, former footballer; Paolo Casarin, former football referee, manager, columnist; Gian Pieretti, songwriter, composer, lyricist; Massimo de Vita, cartoonist; …Read on romadailynews


twitterBrown Emma : Happy birthday to that cool @alecattelan ???? – acffiorentina : Happy birthday, Lucas Martinez Quarta ???? Leave your wishes for the Chino in the comments ?? #Purple force ??… – GassmanGassmann : Happy birthday Hector! #EttoreScola May 10, 1931. ?? – Dan_FCIM : @steilbarellino Happy birthday Stefano! ??? – HossainNilofar : RT @ MarinaMasala1: @ paoloigna1 Even if at the end of the evening … happy birthday! –

Noemi turns 10: at the Marrucino theater there is the feast of solidarity

… and for all children who are fighting for a better existence, snatching everyday bites, on June 4th, at 9pm, a big party will be held in the Marrucino theater in Chieti: “Good birthday Noemi, …

Andrea Crisanti and that background on Sgarbi’s birthday: ‘So many beautiful girls’

The professor said he squeezed a good friendship with the deputy Sgarbi, but at first he did not want to go to his birthday as he knew few guests. Chrysants and …

Happy birthday to Don Giuseppe Today there are 96 candles THE NATION

Happy birthday Tsunoda: 22 years for the Rising Sun pilot

It is 11th May 2000: Yuki Tsunoda is born in Sagamihara. He still doesn’t know, but for Japan he will become a sort of hero, one of those people who proudly return after years to represent …

Andrea Crisanti and that background on Sgarbi’s birthday: “So many beautiful girls”

Andrea Crisanti had a lot of fun at Vittorio Sgarbi’s birthday and, among the guests, he did not miss a detail: there were many beautiful girls.

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