happy Italians for these 3 “zero cost” alternatives, surprise

As we know, Italians are heavily looking for savings because gas electricity bills are truly terrible.

You readers you write strongly to us how you are afraid for the future precisely because bills are constantly increasing and because the cost of living is increasingly inaccessible for families.


But there are three alternatives to radiators that can really make Italians smile and can make them save a lot. As we know the war in Ukraine and inflation are driving the gas bill to truly dire levels.

Alternatives to gas

The families who do not make us pay the electricity and gas bills are too many and therefore alternatives to classic gas heating and radiators are sought precisely because now they really cost a lot.


First of all, the government advises never to exceed 19 degrees and to use the heating as little as possible. But there are three economic alternatives to heating that the smartest families are putting in place just to save a lot of money. A first economic alternative is that of the electric boiler. In fact, the electric boiler is not very different from a water heater.

Here are the economic systems

Unlike the gas boiler, there is no combustion and therefore there are no fumes. The electric boiler essentially heats the house with electricity and if you have solar panels, for example, the savings can be very strong. But in addition to the electric boiler there are also other alternatives. For example there is also the boiler a biomass. In fact, the biomass boiler heats the water through cheap fuels. So it is definitely an energy more ecological but above all there would also be great savings.

What Italians choose

But the cheapest boiler is precisely the pellet one. In fact, if the biomass boiler is generally quite cheap, it is precisely the pellet that is the cheapest of all. In reality, when it comes to pellets, the annoyance is precisely that of climbing the heavy bags up to the house. And then it must also be said that today even pellets have increased in price due to the very hard conditions inflation. However, even if the pellets have increased in price in recent months and today a 15 kg bag costs considerably more than in the past it should not be underestimated the fact that however it is the pellet remains more economic compared to gas and therefore those who have a pellet boiler certainly save a lot compared to the classic gas boiler. However, the advice is always to use the heating as little as possible.

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