Happy Mother’s Day in Colombia!

Mother’s Day is a holiday full of emotion and affection. It is an occasion to reflect on the fundamental role that mothers play in our lives. From the moment we are conceived, our mothers protect and care for us in their wombs, and this love begins an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime.

Colombian mothers are known for their strength, courage and determination. They are feisty women who often balance multiple roles in their lives, such as mothers, wives, daughters, professionals, and leaders in their communities. Their love and dedication extends beyond their own home, impacting the society at large.

Mother’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Colombia. It is an occasion to express our affection and gratitude towards our mothers through gestures, gifts, words of love and acts of kindness. Many sons and daughters go out of their way to surprise their mothers with special snacks, flowers, handmade cards, or personalized gifts. In addition, families often get together to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in honor of mothers.

Beyond the material gifts, the true value of this day lies in the time we devote to our mothers. It is an opportunity to talk, remember special moments, share laughter and express true words of thanks. In such a fast-paced world, Mother’s Day invites us to pause and appreciate the unconditional love and affection our mothers have given us over the years.

We should not forget that Mother’s Day is also an occasion to honor the memory of mothers who are no longer physically with us. His teachings and his love will always be in our hearts and this day gives us an opportunity to remember him with affection and gratitude.

On this special day, let us remember that our mothers deserve to be appreciated and valued every day of the year. Their love and sacrifice has given us the foundation to grow and become the people we are today. Let us take advantage of this celebration to express our love, gratitude and appreciation for them and let them know that they are the cornerstone of our lives.

To all the mothers in Colombia and around the world, and especially mine, Happy Mother’s Day!

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