Hard-nosed and Isola 2022, who won the listening contest between Flavio Insinna and Ilary Blasi

The television schedule on Monday 16 May saw the fiction of Rai1 A hard face collide with Flavio Insinna and the reality show L’Isola dei stelle 2022 with Ilary Blasi. Here are who managed to excel in the ratings.

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The television schedule of Monday 16 May, offered to viewers films, entertainment and in-depth programs. Rai1 broadcast the film Hard-noseddirected by Marco Pontecorvo with Flavio Insinna. Canale5 has left room for a new episode ofIsland of the famous 2022. Let’s see who won the audience competition.

Hard-nosed wins the audience competition

Rai1 broadcast the fiction A hard snout. Flavio Insinna, protagonist of the film, told the story of Antonio Maglio, doctor, neurosurgeon and father of the Paralympics. The film was followed by 4,190,000 spectators equal to 21.9% share, making it the most watched program of the evening. On Canale5 a new, sparkling episode of the Island of the famous 2022 characterized by quarrels, injuries and the fall of Ilary Blasi herself. To challenge the televoting in the appointment on Friday 20 May will be Nicolas Vaporidis and Mercedesz Henger, who also had a discussion during the live broadcast. The episode conducted by Ilary Blasi with Vladimir Luxuria and Nicola Savino recorded 2,332,000 spectators equal to 17.7% share.

Listen to TV on Monday 16th May

Let’s now see the ratings recorded by the other television networks. Rai2 broadcast a new episode of Made in South. The program conducted by Clementino and Lorella Boccia recorded 881,000 spectators equal to 5.3% share. On Rai3 space for a new appointment with Report. The broadcast was followed by 1,450,000 spectators equal to 7.3% share. Italia1 proposed Fast & Furious 6. The film with Vin Diesel; Paul Walker; Dwayne Johnson; Michelle Rodriguez; Jordana Brewster; Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris was followed by 1,242,000 spectators with a 6.6% share. Finally, Rete4 broadcast Fourth Republic. The program involved 815,000 spectators with a 5.3% share.

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