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European: Le Pen takes appointment, Marechal extends his hand to LR

Marine Le Pen set the date for her “next meeting with history” on Sunday: the European elections of June 9, 2024, the subject of the game of billiards on the right, as depicted by the outstretched hand of the head of Marion Maréchal, . Reconquest list for LR voters. From his stronghold of Henin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), where he made his political comeback after a quiet summer, on the occasion of a fire sale, the leader of the National Rally delegates turned the spotlight on the European vote, described as “the It was described as “a fundamentally democratic meeting”. Because the RN, which came in first place in 2019 (23.34%) and is still favorite in the polls, sees this as a “mid-term election” aimed at approving the policy of Emmanuel Macron, whose “marketing and dishonesty The “subtle mix” Ms Le Pen condemned again on Sunday. The “stakes” are exceptionally important, Ms Le Pen stressed from the podium, adding that “the EU is an accelerator of our evils and our long slide”. If Ms. Le Pen once again handed control of the list to Jordan Bardella, she announced that she would present at the end of next week a “proposal from Beaucaire (Garde), which should bring together all those from her nation are connected and who know that without it, there is no longer any freedom, nor prosperity, nor identity, nor security nor progress.” – “Wasted Effort” – RN indeed keeps an eye on the danger of fragmentation, while The list was formally launched on Sunday in Greux-les-Bains (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence). Reconquest is led by Ms Le Pen’s niece, Marion Maréchal. “I think this candidacy will split the vote. There is a possibility at a time when everyone agrees that we can win the next presidential election,” he said. Sorry Mister Bardella Sunday on France 3 “If France is in danger of death, as Marion Maréchal and Eric Zemmour say (…) then at that time we will not be able to achieve 5 or 6% in an election and the division of votes. “At the very moment when we must unite them to send a very clear message against Emmanuel Macron”, he stressed. Acknowledging that it is without a doubt ” “The futile effort” will not last, Mr. Bardella urged unity: “I do not despair of seeing one day Marion Maréchal join the camp of those who can win”, he slipped. An appeal heard? Marion Maréchal said nothing about it during his quarter-hour speech in the blazing sun on Sunday. – “Betrayal” – The former member of parliament for Vaucluse preferred to again send a smoke signal to the LR, in which he accused elected officials of That included trampling – accused of “incompatibilities” and “betrayal” – while pandering to sympathizers. ‘-wing voters: Join us,” he urged in front of about 2,000 people. In 2019 he reached out to MEP François-Xavier Bellamy, head of the LR list, clearly stating that he “must be by[his]side” during this campaign. “It is the voters who can unite the right,” welcomes Mireille Mauren, a 66-year-old Reconquest of Lozère activist who “voted a little bit for everyone from the RN to the LR.” Old, from Loire-Atlantique, for which also “unity will come from the base”. Unity whose time has not yet come, as the sovereigntist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan highlighted on Radio J on Sunday, ironically, in the “absurd fight about fratricide” between Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour. This is clear. That there is a Philippot list, a Dupont-Aignan list, a Marion Maréchal list, a Bardella list, a Bellamy list, these are a lot of lists that will disappoint our fellow citizens”, he also warned.arz-bj-jmt/it

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