Harper Beckham, is a fashion designer like her mom, Victoria?

When you play as a mother, a superstar recognized the world, it is common that the genetic lottery of yours. While there are models that, as Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford look like the real clones, others do not inherit the physical resemblance, but end up preferring, sooner or later, by the passion of their parents. And it’s something that we’ve not only seen with the small of the Kardashian already make your first steps with the makeup. Also Harper Seven is revealing some of his hidden talents until the time that seem to point ways that the small might engage, as Victoria Beckhamthe design of fashion. A story that could not not be more pleased the british, because the rest of their children have ended up specializing in photography, sports or music.


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If we will look to Harper to the front of the signature of his mother is something that only time will tell (though the idea that it will become the heiress of your brand we are excited!). But, at the moment, it seems that the small is an artist with the craft. It is precisely these manifestations of creative of your day to day that David and Victoria Beckham clap and share with pride with all his followers. A series of occurrences ranging from customize the favorite spectacles of his mother with stickers -something that would be to the lovers of the trends of the Generation-Z, to dye a t-shirt style tie dye.


The last of them, relate more than ever with the fashion designer, as David has boasted of the skills of the small with the needle and thread when you create a square multi-coloured with the hues of the rainbow. The former football player has shown how your daughter manages with the seam in just 8 years. Does anyone have doubts that it is a worthy successor of his mother? Victory can be quiet having passed on part of his legacy.


Going from so small to a fashion show of your mother (we can not forget those pictures of Harper on the lap of David Beckham next to the very Anna Wintour, the two with the same hair cut) and even to the store of your signature, it was surprising that not end by developing interest in the profession that made that Victory to abandon his musical career. Of what Harper can be convinced is that, whatever you choose, will not lack the support of their parents, those who strive to let their children go their own way by limiting yourself to provide all the help you need.

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