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Harry and Meghan.  A crisis in the royal family
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They made £ 118 million, or over half a billion zlotys, thanks to lucrative contracts with publishing houses and Netflix, but they still have debts from their old foundation days. Why have they not yet paid £ 78,500 to charity when they have such a fortune? The Daily Mail asks about it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle like to emphasize their commitment to charity and deliver “motivational speeches” about world peace and ecology. But according to the latest findings of the Daily Mail, their charity has brought them … mysterious debts. What is going on? Well, British journalists have reached out to representatives of a certain charity who want to maintain anonymity, to which Meghan and Harry still owe 78,500 pounds. Initially, the debt was PLN 213,000. pounds, of which 134.5 thousand were repaid. It dates back to the time of the Sussex Royal Foundation, which the Dukes of Sussex liquidate for their second foundation, Archewell. They could no longer use the word “Royal” in connection with their departure from the British royal family.

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But as the Daily Mail reveals, Sussex Royal has not yet been liquidated, renamed MWX, and is in the process of being liquidated, and old bills have not been settled, although Meghan and Harry have a huge fortune. The representative of MWX and Harry and Meghan Markle did not answer the questions raised by British journalists. Meghan and Harry announced in January 2020 that they would resign as working members of the royal family, initially living in Canada and then in the USA.

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