Harry Kane does not agree to any contract

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21.11.2023, 10:27

bayern munchen transfer to the east pe superstar harry kane (30 years old) Tottenham Hotspur Pentru suma of 95 million euros.

So, this is what Tottenham have added in their English transfer and this suma has been added in the 100th minute.

Bayern Munich is playing a friendly with Tottenham

bayern munchen Harry Kane was bought by a transfer line, If he transfers less than 100 million euros my care has been received. Totusi, it is the president of Tottenham Hotspur, Daniel Levy, has received his introduction or Clausura Prince Care Gruperia Londonese can reach one million euros for the first time.

German journalist Maximilian Koch, who signed Harry Kane in this private transfer for a transfer fee of more than 100 million Bayern Munich, accepted his gift from the friendly party that brought him to Tottenham.

100% of what happened at Tottenham. However, when you are looking for a cordial party you are bound to be disappointed.

Bayern coached Harry Kane “vomiting” against Rio Ferdinand

Since his early career at Bayern, Harry Kane has had the potential to make a career.

The host fund for them is Manchester United Old Trafford’s official public protest strikes a can in one night, and strikes a seasonal trek.

“It’s a hat-trick! Get the final data for a hat-trick and get the opportunity to get the final, vomit! What do I know? Do I have any doubts about the transfer?'”Spouse Ferdinando, Citadel de Presa Española.

  • Harry Kane took 16 months to Bayern Munich, playing a role in their success and going 21 matches without winning a title.
  • Kane is under contract with Bayern München until 2027.

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