Harry Potter and the Curse

Fans of the saga created by JK Rowling were very disappointed by a recent announcement on social media about Harry Potter and the Heir Curse: there is still no mention of a film based on the opera.

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Heir, the theatrical work was written by JK Rowling and set several years after the last book of the saga, was the protagonist of an announcement on social media that however left the fans rather disappointed.

While in fact, the numerous Harry Potter fans expected the announcement of the film based on The Malediction of the Heir, the much-publicized announcement turned out to be something else.

What the fans found on Twitter was the simple promotion of an event held in Times Square, with the audience posing in front of the new poster of the play.

Below you can see the new look that will be used to promote Harry Potter and the Curse of the Heir, waiting for someone to finally decide to announce the film adaptation.

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