Harry Redknapp immersed himself in “Millionaires”. Jeremy Clarkson was speechless with Soccer

The format of the British version of the popular game show assumes that from time to time a famous person appears as a participant, who is to allocate the money won for a given charity initiative. In one of the last episodes, Harry Redknapp fought for the highest possible win in the program hosted by the famous Jeremy Clarkson.

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“Sousa earns 70,000 euros a month, and we praise him for playing 10-15 minutes with pressing”

Redknapp’s cinematic question

The former coach and now counselor in Bournemouth has figured out a £ 1,000 worth of question. The 74-year-old did not have an easy task, because the computer drew a question from the film category. While the content itself shouldn’t be too much of a problem for too many people, Redknapp was not one of them.

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Clarkson asked, “Who played Vietnam veteran John Rambo in the five action movies?” The former soccer coach had to choose one answer out of four variants. His choices were: A. Mel Gibson, B. Arnold Schwarzenegger, C. Bruce Willis and D. Sylvester Stallone.

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Redknapp’s shameful mistake

Even before answering, Redknapp revealed that he last visited the cinema in the 1960s, when he was 17. It was then that he and his current wife watched the film “Doctor Zhivago”. For this reason, at the very beginning, he distinguished two of the given variants – Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis. However, Clarkson suggested that the participant use a lifebuoy. The 74-year-old chose 50/50 and there were two answers left on the board: Willis and Stallone.

Redknapp thought at the beginning that Sylvester Stallone was definitely not playing the role of Rambo, so he chose C’s answer. It was obviously a wrong answer, so he didn’t win a pound. After a while, the host admitted that he had never witnessed any of the participants ending their participation in the game show so quickly.

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Just before the start of the game, the former QPR or Tottenham coach admitted that he wanted to donate the prize to the Dream Factory foundation. Although he did not win anything in “Millionaires”, after being eliminated, he declared that he would use his own money to spend five thousand pounds for this purpose.

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