Harry Styles explains how Billie Eilish inspired his career

Harry Styles had a great inspiration through Billie Eilish

Not everyone who has found fame transitions into adulthood easily, but Harry Styles made it look simple. Each year, the popularity of styles only increases as the beloved ex-hitmaker of One Direction proves that not every teen heartthrob in the spotlight turns into a Hollywood star. However, Harry revealed the Zane Lowe for Apple Music that was Billie Eilish that from a distance, taught him how to make the change to the new stage of his career.

In Styles’ conversation with Lowe, he discussed his career at length as well as his next project, “Harry’s House.” The album is set to be released this Friday (May 20), and with anticipation growing among his fanbase, Harry revealed he has become more receptive to his transition out of the boy band life after observing how Eilish raised her own fame.

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“I definitely had a great time, I think, when Billie Eilish was kind of successful for the first time. I think being in the band, I always felt like… it was fun and exciting because we were young. And I had a moment, watching her do it at such a young age, where I felt like, ‘I’m not that young anymore,'” he said. “And I had a moment where I felt like, ‘OK, we’re not the same.’

“And along the lines of, like, ‘You’re not always going to be the young kind of thing,’ I was like, ‘OK, I’d really like to think about who I’d like to be as a musician.’ “Still, Styles hasn’t told Eilish how she helped him discover his new approach to music.”

“It seemed that [ela] came in in a way that was like, ‘You’re not, like, don’t worry about being that thing, ever.’ Because, you know, she’s a lot younger than I am, and there’s no point in me being like, ‘OK, how do I get back? As I like it, I like it again… It just totally broke the spell for me, in a way that I am very grateful.”

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