Harry Styles helps an Italian fan come out during the concert in London

Harry Styles is a singer-songwriter from Great Britain born in 1994. He made his debut in the musical world in 2010 with the band of one direction with which he won the hearts of all the young people of the world, selling over 50 million copies. In 2017 he decided to pursue a solo career which saw him voice and protagonist of successful songs such as Sign of the Times, Lights Up, Adore You and Watermelon Sugar to name a few.

These days, the singer is touring Europe with his Love on Tourhe who is in love with hers like never before Olivia Wilde, actress from New York born in 1984. And she wanted to take the opportunity to bring up the hymn of love, just as is the purpose of her world tour. But what happened? It is soon said. Her tour stopped at the stadium yesterday London Wembley and, while performing, Harry Styles he used to be very attentive to his fans in attendance. How can we forget the stage of Manchester where did you greet your first teacher, present in the audience? Precisely for this reason, yesterday she just saw a request for “Help” under the stage he decided to give his fan a hand right away. Microphone in hand and, in English, he yelled at his audience addressed to the boy Mattia:

“Hi Mattia, where are you from? Italy! Show me your sign. You want to come out, okay. So, Wembley crowd, now I take the rainbow flag and when it passes over my head Mattia will have officially come out of him. My boy you are now officially gay, you are a free man now ”.

harry styles concert
Harry Styles on the Wimbledon stage in London

And here it is Styles he brought the rainbow flag with him to the stage and started running, raising it a couple of times, but never letting it pass over his head. A gesture that her fans liked a lot, on the other hand it is not new: Harry he has always been a champion of the rights of the LGBTQ + community so much so that he himself, often, never wanted to express himself on his sexual orientation, precisely because he hated labels and, in his opinion, these are not important things:

“My orientation? I don’t tell you, not to protect myself, or because it’s mine alone. But why just who cares! “.

Sure, we now know that he is happily engaged to a woman, but we can’t know in the past. What matters most is the fact that Harry Styles gave a hand to Mattia and allowed him to come out in front of 90 thousand people present at the London stadium. In the meantime, his tour goes on well and is eagerly awaited in Italy where he will arrive next month, more precisely on July 25 in Casalecchio di Reno and on July 26 a Turin.

And are you a fan of Harry Styles? What do you think of this gesture made to help an Italian fan? We look forward to seeing you in the comments!

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