Harry Styles said going to therapy made him feel “more alive”

After the release of the single “As it was”, A song that paves the way for the album Harry’s house (out May 20, 2022), Harry Styles started his promotional tour which is seeing him star in numerous interviews.

After a long period of silence, the pop star who achieved success with the one direction (the boy band composed of StylesZayn Malik, Louis TomlinsonNiall Horan and Liam Payne) returns to talk not only about his new music and his neighbors concerts, but also of your own private. In recent days he had been exposed around the story with Olivia Wildeknown on the set of the film Don’t worry darlingas well as the creative process that led him to look inside himself deeply and sincerely, to tell about himself as never before on his new album.

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During his recent interview with Better Homes & Gardens, the lead singer of “As It WasHarry Styles he spoke for the first time that he had entrusted himself to therapy about five years ago, after many second thoughts and a thousand doubts. “I thought it meant you were broken,” he admitted Harry who, today, is more than happy to have embarked on a path that has led him to understand not only the importance of mental health but also to know himself in a much deeper way, despite the fact that the path has not always been simple or happy.

“I wanted to be the one who could say that he didn’t need therapy” continued the singer of “Falling”, Stating that the meeting with a professional made him” open rooms “of himself that he was not aware of, leading him to understand and see each other in a finally honest and sincere way. “I think that accepting to live, to be happy and to suffer in extremes is the liveliest thing you can do” continued Harry Styles who, today, seems to have finally reached the mental balance necessary to face the world of entertainment as well as serenity. pop star life.

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“Losing her crying, losing her laughing is fine, I don’t think there is any way to feel more alive than that”, he admitted, implicitly revealing how the discovery of himself allowed him to face great disturbances, only to come out stronger and more solid. before.

In the course of the interview Styles also revealed that some of his biggest traumas were born right around the time he was part of one directionsince too much pressure and having to always please everyone by proving to be perennially happy, cheerful and witty had led him to play a character who, over time, had made him lose contact with himself.

It was only in 2017, with the release of his first solo album, titled Harry Styles, that the artist has re-appropriated his own ego by making peace with his past, facing the present with greater serenity and, above all, the future, which today Styles look with dreamy eyes, also thanks to Olivia Wilde.

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