Harsh words after the death of “Walus”. “Something disgusting. There will be more tragedy.”

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk about the organization of bare fist fights or – as in the case of the PunchDown gala – open hands. All because of the tragic reports that came from the hospital. One of the participants of such clashes, Artur “Waluś” Walczak, is dead. The former strongman was knocked out so brutally that he suffered brain damage and has been in a coma since October 22nd. The death of “Walus” was confirmed last Friday.

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Red carpet at the end. Preparations are underway for the Golden Ball ceremony

Andrzej Wasilewski questions the organization of the dangerous fights. “There will be more blood”

– It’s time to finally define what sport is. I am not saying that only boxing is a sport, and patting your face with an open hand will not be a sport someday, but it should definitely be somehow regulated and controlled – Andrzej Wasilewski said in an interview with “Super Express” about the PunchDown gala. The boss of Knockout Promotions also mentioned other forms of martial arts competitions, which he also classified as very dangerous.

Artur BorucThe photo of Boruc is a sensation. Legia’s goalkeeper comments. And this hashtag

– Is five-on-five fights, where two can kick one lying down, a sport or more on the street? Or bare-knuckle fights. Why do them in the ring, let’s do it meter by meter in the cage. There’ll be even more blood, plus these ladies dressed like an inexpensive entertainment bar. It is disgusting to me, ‘he added.

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The story of Artur “Waluś” Walczak may make the organizers of this type of clash change their view on this discipline, also changing the rules for participating in these events. – In Polish sport and in the vicinity of sport, there is finally time for some interference, intervention. Certainly, someone should start regulating it, because there will be these tragedies, sorry to say ugly, but dead bodies, more – finished Wasilewski.

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