Hausbrandt opens a new store in the heart of Treviso

The new Hausbrandt “showcase” in the heart of Treviso will open its doors to the public on Saturday 8 October at 11, in Piazzetta della Torre. In the year of its 130th anniversary, Hausbrandt is thus giving itself a new place to talk and meet enthusiasts and guests, guaranteeing a shopping experience of the highest level.

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The space presents itself in the characteristic liveliness and graphics of the Hausbrandt brand image: the most recent works in plexiglass by president Martino Zanetti inspire refined graphics and the colors tell of an environment that intends to welcome the Treviso people. Inside the new store, the exhibition path welcomes visitors, accompanying them in an elegant atmosphere, which underlines the passion for the material, the care and conscious attention that guides each project: from Hausbrandt coffee, to Theresianer beer, from Col Sandago wines to Martin Orsyn champagne. With a well-kept selection of products, the new Hausbrandt Shop is a new place where you enter not only to buy, but also to be inspired, taste and learn about new products. A rich calendar of events will animate the sparkling Hausbrandt house in the center of Treviso: tasting moments and experiences to bring you closer and fascinate through history, deep commitment and respect for the different raw materials that distinguish the brand. Hausbrandt embraces a new challenge: a meeting place and a tasteful stage in the center of his city.

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