Have you ever seen Emily Blunt’s daughters? Here’s what the actress wants for them

Emily Blunt is without a doubt one of the undisputed protagonists of the world of fashion and cinema in recent years. Her career is characterized by stratospheric successes. Successes that pour out not only in her working life but also in her private life. We get to know the actress better and learn more about her beautiful family.

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There are so many films that Emily Blunt has taken part in over the course of her career. Among these we cannot fail to mention The devil wears Prada. Here, in fact, the actress had the opportunity to act alongside the great Meryl Streep. Her great talent has allowed her to receive numerous nominations for important awards.

Emily Blunt: We know the actress’s beautiful family

As for her private life, it must be said that the gossip newspapers have dedicated ample space to the love stories experienced by the actress. We know that today Emily is happily married to John Krasinskithe man who literally changed her life.

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Their great love was crowned by the birth of two daughters. The couple’s eldest daughter is Hazelborn in 2014. Two years later, in 2016, Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski became parents of the little girl. Violet. In a recent interview, the actress confessed that she wants her daughters to remain oblivious to her fame.

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The couple, in fact, do not want theirs daughters they feel more important or special or that there is a dirty look on them more than other children. These were the words of the actress about it:

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If they manage to remain oblivious for a long time, I’d be thrilled. They just want me to be their mom.

A beautiful one family the one built by Emily Blunt and her husband. The couple also declared that the girls represent a lifeline for them.

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