Have you received the remittance?The latest information about sending money to Cuba

On Friday, financial firm Cimex SA (Fincimex) announced that remittances to Cuba were being gradually disbursed after several days of delays due to unspecified technical issues.

Several customers in Cuba confirmed receipt of the remittances through comments on the official Fincimex Facebook page. In this article we will update the progress of the currency transfer to the island.

For example, a Cuban woman reported that she received her first transfer from Spain on January 26 through an agency called Línea Mundo. Another customer said that his mother received a remittance from Germany through Small World on February 1.

However, there are also some customers who have not received the remittance but use the same freight forwarding company. Small World, for example, has suspended shipments to Cuba, joining Western Union and U.S. agencies.

One user expressed dissatisfaction with the company, stating that if their goal is to provide services to people, they are not achieving that goal. “They may raise technical flaws or whatever, but at least the directors of this company should give us a credible statement. Misinformation only creates confusion,” he wrote.

Problems when sending money to Cuba

As of now, Fincimex has not made a public statement. Cuba’s remittance processors are limited to responding to some customers who have already started making payments, and the situation is gradually stabilizing.

What exactly happens when sending money to Cuba? Fincimex customer service mentions “integration testing with banks” and “linking shipments to bank accounts.”

It is important to remember that the Cuban government had to delay the increase in fuel prices, claiming that it was not in a position to start imposing fuel price increases due to a cyberattack on CIMEX “from abroad.”

However, it has not yet been explained whether this incident also affected remittance deposits sent to Cuba in late January and early February.

Have you received the remittance? On what date and from what agency did they send you? Tell us in the comments.

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