Have you seen Drew Barrymore’s grandfather? He was a troubled movie star, nicknamed “Great Profile” for his good looks

The inner demons left a trace of their passage.

Even today he is remembered with the nickname de “The Great Profile” because of its attractiveness. Intriguing and charismatic man, he represented a real icon in the glory years. Fruit of the story between Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana, both actors, John Barrymore brought prestige to a dynasty of artists, then continued with the arrival of his son JD and niece Drew Barrymore, today’s big screen diva.

Who was John Barrymore

John Barrymore profile

Born in Philadelphia on February 15, 1882, John Barrymore initially worked as a cartoonist for a New York newspaper. In 1903 he made his debut on the stages of Broadway and in a short time he rose to fame as an excellent Shakespearean interpreter. In particular, he entered history under the guise ofHamlet during the 1920s. Aided by his extraordinary stage presence, he became a silent film legend, cast in the roles of elegant and reckless amateur in films such as Beau Brummell And Don Giovanni and Lucrezia Borgia. Meanwhile, she accepted dramatic characters, including that of Dr. Jekyll and M. Hyde by John Stuart Robertson.

Even away from the set John Barrymore was a seducer, but also a tormented soul. Used to revelry andalcohol abuse, collected flirtations with charming women. She convolved in wedding on four occasions. The advent of sound allowed viewers to appreciate the different nuances of the voice. Memorable were the performances in sentimental dramas, above all Grand Hotelas Greta Garbo’s passionate lover.

Carole Lombard and John Barrymore

Towards the end of the Thirties, the excesses away from the workplace, however, gave rise to the decadent phase of his career. Unable to lead a sober and sober existence, in recent years he was reduced to extraordinary stakes in modest films. Now radically marked by alcohol, he died on May 29, 1942, at the age of 60. He is buried at the Main Mausoleum in Los Angeles.

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