Have you seen the new boyfriend of Myriam Catania: name, job and children

The new generation of young voice actors it is made up of increasingly talented and prepared characters, of which sometimes the decision to prefer one over the other is very difficult. Among the voices most appreciated we find that of the beautiful Myriam Catania, descendant of the Izzo family. But let’s get to know her better and reveal who her beautiful boyfriend is.

Myriam Catania and her infallible voice

Myriam Catania she is known for being a very good voice actress and daughter of art. Indeed, she is the daughter of Rossella Izzo (director and screenwriter) and her passion for cinema began when she was a child. But she starts hers career how voice actress.

In fact, he gave the voice to very large international actors such as Jessica Alba, Alexis Bledel, Alyson Hanningan, Nikki Cox, Natalie Portman and many more. But she is not only famous for being one of the most requested voice actresses, but also for being there wife of the beautiful actor Luca Argentero.

Who is Myriam Catania’s boyfriend

Myriam Catania he meets Luca Argentero with whom he falls madly in love with him and the feeling is mutual. In 2007 the couple decided to to get married, but after a few years he goes into crisis and decides to proceed with the separation. The divorce they will officially get it in 2016.

Two years have passed since their departure that they have already found one new love for both. Despite the harsh separation, the two well-known characters remained in excellent relationships and they continue to value each other.

Speaking of the beautiful Myriam she has found refuge in a new partner, with whom she says she is in love and her heart beats only for him. We are talking about Quentin Kemmermann. But let’s get to know it more closely.

Quentin Kemmermann: who is he?

Myriam Catania And Quentin Kemmermann they know each other by chance a Ibiza, where it seems that the man was for work. They were both coming out of two very important relationships and between them there was a real one love at first sight.

They’ve been together for a long time four years and it seems their relationship is going well. But let’s reveal a few more details about the beautiful French advertiser.

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Quentin was born 39 years ago in France, precisely in Marseille where he grows up with his family. For business reasons he is a man who travels often and is mainly divided between Italy, Barcelona and Ibiza. In an interview Catania admitted that one day she would like to move permanently with her partner in France. From their union the little Jaques, which this year will blow out its fifth candle.

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What does Quentin Kemmermann do?

Of Quentin Kemmermann we don’t know much, but he is famous for being part of a collective of advertisers of France: Bison Bleu who has curated numerous internationally successful commercials. An example? Crusty Louis who has been able to rely on its expertise and expand its brand name around the world.

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