Having become millionaires in the lottery, they buy second hand but still end up ruined

If you have already purchased a lottery ticket, Chances are you’ve let your imagination wander, dreaming of all the things you could do if you hit the jackpot. For most people, beautiful homes, luxury cars, and lavish vacations are at the top of their list. However, depending on the amount won and your penchant for frivolity, you might find yourself spending your money quickly, as is the case with this couple whose story the Mirror reported. In 2005, Lara Griffiths became a millionaire, winning an impressive sum of 1.8 million pounds sterling, or around 2 million euros, in the lottery. News that could have changed their lives completely. Yet Lara insists that wasn’t the case, despite what people think. Eight years after their victory, Lara and Roger ended up breaking up, but according to Lara, it had nothing to do with irresponsible management of their money. Instead of getting excited and spending lavishly, the couple made thoughtful purchases, opting for economy class flights, used cars and mortgages for their homes. Lara also invested in a hair salon, where she continued to work full time despite their newfound wealth. Yet despite their responsible financial choices, the money ran out, leaving questions as to how they (…)

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