HDD or SSD? What is the difference?

There are two types of hard drives on the market – HDD and SSD. Each of them works in a slightly different way, which is why there are often doubts about choosing the right model. What exactly is the difference between HDD and SSD drives? Which one is best for your computer?

What is an HDD?

The HDD, or Hard Disc Drive, works in a magnetic system. It mainly consists of a rotating plate covered with a suitable carrier. Information is recorded and read with the use of heads, in the number appropriate for the surface of the plate. The HDD is most often made of aluminum and a layer of plastic, which ensures quieter operation and protects the entire element. Such components for computers are quite cheap and at the same time roomy.

Saving data on the HDD is possible thanks to the transmission of an electromagnetic stream through the head. A computer like this is largely made up of moving parts. So it can be mechanically damaged quite easily.

What is an SSD drive?

SSD, or Solid State Drive, works quietly and allows you to write and read data at a fairly high speed. It is also quiet during operation and relatively light. It consumes little energy and shows good resistance to mechanical damage and shocks. Everything is due to the fact that its structure does not include moving parts.

In general, SSDs run up to 2.5 times faster than HDDs. It is not affected by the ambient temperature. More expensive products are usually even more efficient, achieving parameters that satisfy even the most demanding users. It should also be remembered that SSDs are available in several variants that differ in the way they are mounted on the motherboard.

SSD drive allows for a situation in which the system responds extremely quickly to all user commands. Therefore, it increases the comfort of using the computer. High-quality SSD drives can be found, among others in the store https://www.sferis.pl/.

What are the biggest differences between SSD and HDD?

When comparing HDD and SSD, there are a few differences. The most important thing is the price. In the past, SSDs were clearly more expensive than HDDs, but now the technology is advancing so fast that the cost of purchasing both components is gradually reduced. It is enough to take a look at the products available at: https://www.sferis.pl/dyski-ssd-2900. Although you can find drives exceeding PLN 2,000 there, there are also much cheaper solutions.

The method of data storage is also important. In the case of HDDs, everything is based on a magnetic medium covering a spinning platter. There are no moving parts in the SSD model. So everything is based on semiconductor memory. Thanks to this, the second variant works much quieter and is more resistant to damage. If you want to further increase the performance of this item, you can connect the SSD drive directly to the motherboard.

What kind of hard drive works best?

Choosing the right hard drive depends on many factors. Some people decide to combine both technologies due to the lower price of HDD models, but definitely faster SSD performance. So you can put on an SSD with a smaller capacity and a larger HDD. The former will then be responsible for running the system and applications, while the latter will act as a data store. It is an economical solution ideal for those who do not want to opt for a high-capacity SSD drive due to its high price. This way, you can get performance and lower the cost of building a computer.

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