“He also has a chance to be with us”, Abergele talks about the return of Benjamin Mendy

A return that will be scrutinized. On Sunday, Benjamin Mendy will certainly play some minutes with FC Lorient against AS Monaco, his first official match since August 15, 2021 (with Manchester City vs. Tottenham). His teammate Laurent Abergel has been praising the Frenchman’s comeback.

“It’s a strength what he’s managed to do, to come back as quick and sharp as he is at the moment (…) He’s a top guy so I’m happy to have him with us. It’s also a thing to have him with us.” The opportunity. We have to know how to take advantage of it. We know it causes a lot of discussion but we try to ignore it and put him in the best conditions. He is a guy who has a lot of experience. , the record is a great track. He knows how to deal with it. It’s a strength in him, he has an incredible character. Whatever’s going on at the moment, he’s going all out.” He announced this on Friday.

Regis Le Bris is also happy to be able to rely on Mendy

Lorient coach Regis Le Bris says, “Our job is to play high-level football, to win matches. We have to play football. I have no preconceived notions. I think it can be good and I believe that will be.” The matter is closed, we want to concentrate on football. Top footballers are used to being criticized and having their performances dissected.”

The enthusiastic opinions of Le Bris and Abergele are not shared by everyone. Banners of the ”Collectif2Lorient” movement were put up in Lorient during the night from Thursday to Friday with the following messages for Benjamin Mendy as well as Wissam Ben Yedder: “Victims, we believe that you (…) justice are supporters of “.

Against AS Monaco, his former club with whom he was French champion in 2017, Benjamin Mendy could play some minutes, but he should not start, given his limited form after several years without competition.

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