He announced the new legend of France team, Mbappe will not be appreciated

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He announced the new legend of France team, Mbappe will not be appreciated

Published September 9, 2023 3:00 am.

Hungry for the game, he grew up listening to the sounds of Formula 1 engines and watching Ronaldinho’s exploits. Today, a graduate of a master’s degree in sports journalism, he no longer misses the F1 Grand Prix or a PSG match, two of his passions and specialties.

Author of a new highly accomplished performance with the France team, Antoine Griezmann is moving closer to the status of a Blues legend. According to Daniel Riolo, the Macon native is still in the top 3 behind Michel Platini and Zinedine Zidane. Not sure Kylian Mbappe appreciates this opinion.

Reached the French squad for the 2014 World Cup, antoine griezmann quickly established himself as an essential player didier deschamps, A key player in the Blues’ recent successes, the playeratlético de madrid According to the legend of French football is already very high Daniel Riolo,

Riolo puts Griezmann in top 3 Blues legends

, I was thinking about Antoine Griezmann during the end of the match, I want to talk about him. I was wondering how important he has become. We talk a lot about great players, it’s fashionable. Frankly, I wonder if he’s not in the top 3 in Blues history today. The guy, world champion, vice-world champion, best player at the Euros with the Blues, he’s been with the Blues for 10 years. He once again performed at a very high level. I think Griezmann is very underrated. What he does on the pitch is fantastic. », says the journalist RMC on the microphone ofafter foot Before adding a layer.

“There are rare matches in which Griezmann is not good”

, You don’t understand its importance. He is greatly underestimated by us observers. (…) On the aspect of longevity, Henry started in 2000 and his career ended in 2006. His performance in 2008 was poor and in 2010 he left through the back door. Griezmann is 10 years old, the best player at the Euros, world champion, key player. He is good almost all the time. It is rare to have matches where Griezmann is not good. With him France is on top. He has already displaced Henry in the top 3. And if we remove the aesthetic symbolism, there is a match with Zidane. But aesthetic symbolism is very important in football “, adds up Daniel Riolo,

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