He carried his father 12 hours through the Amazon rainforest to get him vaccinated

The family belongs to an isolated tribe that has only recently come into contact with society in the Brazilian state of Pará. The son and the father reached the doctors in the heart of the forest.

Tawy carried his father on his back for 12 hours – 6 hours there and 6 hours back – through the dense forest. “He crossed streams, climbed cliffs, crossed plant and cultural barriers without looking back,” Lucia Capuzzi describes vividly in Avvenire, the largest Italian Catholic journal. “Because 24-year-old Tawy had a goal: to reach a medical facility to vaccinate his 67-year-old father. And thus save him from a pandemic that threatens, among others, his people Zó’è, an ethnic group of 325 men and women living in 50 small communities in the Amazon rainforest in the northern state of Pará, Brazil. “

Tawy and his father belong to an isolated tribe that has recently made contact with the rest of society. “Natural distrust did not stop Tawy. His gesture touched the doctor managing the vaccination team – Erik Jennings Simões, who decided to photograph the father and son. He took them almost a year ago – Tawy and his father with serious health problems that prevented him from walking. , received the first dose of the vaccine on Jan.22 2021 “ – writes L. Capuzzi.

A doctor who has been helping people in the forest for decades has decided to distribute the photo only now to sensitize the public to the importance of the vaccination campaign. “The natives do not understand the doubts about the vaccines that non-native peoples have. On the contrary – because of their irresponsibility, the virus has spread even in the jungle,” says Dr. Jennings sharply. “In the face of fake news, hate campaigns and polemics, Tawy’s choice is an example of courage. And love for life, my own and others. “




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