He comes out of the dealership and destroys a millionaire supercar in a few meters | The images are dramatic

A multi-million dollar supercar crashed as soon as it was taken out of the dealership. The images make you shiver.

What no one wants is to break something you own, especially if it is of high value. Moreover, then, if it has just been purchased, given the instant joy of having in your hands what you so desired. Yet, life puts people in front of certain dynamics, which can be called bad luck or neglect, which are not very easy to deal with. Something similar happened to the owner of a newly purchased car, which crashed as soon as he walked out of the dealership.

BMW dealership (WebSource)

This is not a simple vehicle, but a real supercar, given what it offers and the high cost to purchase. A waste of money, therefore, which has no limits when certain events occur. Worst of all is when other vehicles or people also get in the way. The only thing that can help you get a consistent cash return is being right in the accident that happened. In this case, the insurance would allow those who are right to have excellent, if not total, compensation.

The dynamics of the accident occurred with the millionaire supercar

What can be easily said is that the damage to the millionaire vehicle is huge. Precisely, it is known that the accident occurred not alone, but with another vehicle. At the moment, it is not yet known who was the culprit, but we can see the damage done.

It is not yet clear even where the accident occurred. From the images, posted by a private individual on the net, you may notice damage to the wheels, bumper, suspension and transmission. The taillights and trunk will also need to be changed.

The millionaire supercar to be refurbished

Of course, those listed above are not the only parts to be fixed, but they are the most important. The cost of this operation is very high, also because the car is a rare piece. In fact, it is not yet understood whether it is a unique piece or if it is part of 1000 other prototypes.

BMW after the accident
Bumpy BMW (WebSource)

This is a BMW M4, the accident of which took place either in Germany or in the UK. It is still not clear how the car manufacturer wants to handle the situation. In particular, it is not clear whether they will try to reproduce the same car, produce it from new or if they will ask a customer to give up one of these archetypes.

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