He counts it in Parliament: here is who is with Draghi and who is not

Wednesday will be the day of truth, or rather of verification. On paper, Mario Draghi it should still have the support of its majority, but surprises may be around the corner.

Given that the majority is reached with 361 votes in favor, it is good to start from certainties. The Pd, who has already asked the premier to stay at Palazzo Chigi, can guarantee 97 votes, while Matteo Renzi can guarantee the 31 preferences of Italia Viva. The new group of Dimaiani, Together for the future, born precisely to shore up the government, boasts 53 deputies. Minister Roberto Speranza, with LeU, brings another 10 votes as a dowry. The reformists of Action and Europe are 7 and they should support the executive as well as the members of the Democratic Center of Bruno Tabacci (5) and of Maie-Psi-Faciamo (5). In the balance are the 104 deputies of the M5S who, most likely, at the time of the vote, regardless of the final decision of Giuseppe Conte, they will split. In the Chamber, the grillini tend to be more pro-governmental and, even exponents such as the group leader Davide Crippa and the former deputy minister at Mef Stefano Buffagni, have expressed their perplexity about the advisability of leaving the government. Even the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Incà is of the same opinion and, until the end, has tried to defuse the crisis. How many Grillini deputies will be who will really take the responsibility of bringing down the government, at the moment, we do not know.

What is certain is that the 14 former grillini of the group Alternative they will continue not to support Draghi, just like the 5 green Europe deputies and the 4 far left deputies who belong to the component of the mixed group Manifesta-Power to the people, party of the Communist-Left European Refoundation. The 37 deputies of Brothers of Italy they have sided with the opposition of the Draghi government since its inception and will continue to do so on Wednesday, hoping that Forza Italia and Lega also decide to pull the plug on this government. Neither the Azzurri (82 deputies) nor the leaguers (131) have declared that they want to take away the confidence of the premier, but they say they are ready to face the test of the polls. But not only. Neither Come on Italy nor does the League appear willing to pursue a government experience together with the grillini and, therefore, it will be necessary to wait for the situation to evolve before knowing what the final orientation of the center-right will be. At the moment, according to what leaks from sources of the Carroccio, there is a constant dialogue between Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi who would be working, by telephone, “in close contact and in sitonia”. In a note, Salvini explained in detail what the current position of the Carroccio is: “The League has been loyal, constructive and generous for a year and a half, but for weeks President Draghi and Italy have been victims of too many No’s from the 5 Star Movement and the ideological forcing of the Democratic Party. Leagueunited and compact even after the numerous meetings today, it shares the concern for the fate of the country: it is unthinkable that Italy should suffer weeks of paralysis in a dramatic moment like this, no one should be afraid to give back to the Italians ” .

Giovanni Toti, leader of Italy in the Center (11 deputies) cheers for a Draghi-bis without the M5S, while for his former travel companion, the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro, leader of Coraggio Italia (10 members), believes that it is “Crazy to take away trust in the government now”. In the balance the votes of the component of Noi ConItalia (5 votes) since Maurizio Lupi attacked the M5S hard.“For his own interest Conte opened a political crisis and offered Italy to international speculation. We are at a crossroads: either the government goes ahead with the same majority or rather the vote to give the country a stable government “, tweeted Wolves. Finally, the 4 deputies of the linguistic minority component tend to be pro-government. Here, then, that the situation is somewhat confused and only the Wednesday session what will be the real numbers in support of Draghi.

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