‘He deserves to remain mayor’

former president of the government Mariano Rajoy He has expressed regret over the approval of the new housing law and has sneered about it by saying: “Squatters will enter houses under an umbrella, and with the right to a couch.”

it is stated in a PP rally in SalamancaIn which the President of the PP of Castilla y León, Alfonso fernandez manuecoand Carlos García, the popular candidate for mayor of the city. carbayo,

Rajoy highlights the work done garcía carbayo On the Salamanca City Council, where he is running for re-election: “I have come to support our candidate for mayor, who is also current and has excellent management♦ Moderation, recognizing the ability to agree, agree and provide stability. I think that deserves to be mayor of this city And I have come here to say it”. He has also congratulated Fernández Manueco for “managing” the head of the Junta de Castilla y León.

In terms of regional news, he pointed to the criticism of Nadia Calvino and Yolanda Díaz, ministers of the current government of the junta in Castilla y León. On this Mariano Rajoy expressed regret that he “Obsession with Castilla y Leon,

Then, in the context of the same matter, he advised the two ministers “a little finesse because it cannot be settled with bets” and reminded them that Castilla y León had “the lowest taxation in its history”, that it was the “leader of is in focus” for dependency, it has the “fifth lowest unemployment rate”, it has recovered GDP from before the pandemic and it is a “leader in education”, among other accolades that it listed in the Political Act Is.

Furthermore, at the same meeting in Salamanca, they admitted that they are concerned about inflation, mortgage growth, a “disproportionate” increase in public spending and public debt, and that Spain is “moving away from Europe in per capita income”. .

fernandez manueco

For his part, the president of the PP of Castilla y León, alphonso fernandez manueco, thanked Rajoy for coming. “Thanks to you, the celebration of the eighth century of the University of Salamanca was promoted decisively, which was an international success”, he told Rajoy before revealing to the attendees that the foundation of the current International Center was co-founded with the Galician politician Del was laid. Español, “an important project for Salamanca” as Connection with Madrid by Alvia.

Now, according to his words and about the same project and its continuation towards the border, “Sánchez has not been able to end the electrification with Portugal”, said Fernández Manueco, the current president of the executive, who “will lead to Salamanca”. have forgotten”.

However, the regional president of the PP has stated that the project to electrify the road along the Portuguese border will be carried out “with Alberto Núñez Feijo”, alluding to the next general elections and his belief that the PP will return to the national level. The executive will come.

Later, Highlighting the works of Carlos García Carbayo In a previous term as head of the Salamanca City Council, for which he has asked “all salmantinos to vote” and the PP candidate to be re-elected in the city.

“Together we will make a The great blue tide that will color the entire map of Castilla y León And we are going to help paint the whole map of Spain blue with Alberto Núñez Feijo”, he has already added about the whole community.

Subsequently, he criticized that Sánchez “sends ministers” in “constant moves” to “disgrace” and “insults and lies”. After that, he asked ministers Nadia Calvino and Yolanda Díaz to “stop lying”.

On it, accompanied by data on the economy, Fernández Manuço assures that Castilla y León has “the lowest unemployment rate in Spain”, and calls on the government to “copy” the junta’s policies with “employment and quality”. Where is it? , “We’ve been demonstrating this over and over again”, he argued about the economic policies of the community he defended.

“We no longer swallow lies on this earth” On the other hand, he responded to Sánchez first, criticizing the housing law and announcing, as he had done a few hours earlier in Salamanca, that the board would promote the construction of ‘anticoupas’ offices in the community.

About insufficiency of water, has said that Sánchez “cut the drought aid in half” for professionals from Castilla y León compared to professionals from other autonomous communities. In view of this, “we are not going to agree to this marginalization,” he said.

Also he recalled the situation there Fire in Pinofranqueado (Cáceres). In this regard, he said: “our full solidarity with the people of Extremadura”, “we have offered them all our cooperation”. “I hope Sánchez doesn’t go to Extremadura to say it’s climate change’s fault and then come here with his ministers to say it’s the government of Castilla y León’s fault,” he said.

garcía carbayo

PP candidate for mayor of Salamanca, carlos garcía carbayoBegins his speech by comparing former President Rajoy with the present and, in his review, highlights the electrification promoted since the mandate against the mandate. “Stop” the connection with Portugal from the current executive.

He also insisted that Rajoy hand over the former headquarters of the Bank of Spain to the International Center for Spanish and that Sanchez now “harassed” the arrival of European funds for the project.

Likewise, he has highlighted the work that Alfonso Fernández Manueco is currently doing with “promoting” projects from the Junta de Castilla y León, such as the new residence for the elderly in the Puente Ladrillo neighborhood, the new hospital or the Puerto Seco.

you have reviewed then Works carried out by the Popular Party in the city of Salamanca from the city council, during a term in which the PP group has “worked hard”.

for the future, they have shown their confidence in election But he has remembered that “the ballot boxes are empty and must be filled”, which is why he has asked that no one be trusted and has worked to garner that support and make Salamanca “a better city”. should go. “We will go on fighting until the last vote”, he assured regarding the “last decisive days”.

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