“He did too many concerts”: Stromae on the verge of burnout, a relative testifies

It’s already been ten years since Stromae’s second album, Square root, was released and yet, the iconic titles featured in it still ring in the ears of its fans. Become an international star thanks to her titles Papaoutai but also Tremendous, the Belgian songwriter has quickly lost his footing, in leaving feathers there. Faced with the uncontrollable success generated by his talent, the 38-year-old young man came close to drama, as recalled The Parisian, this Wednesday, August 23.

The one who had the opportunity to go on the stage of Madison Square Garden in New York or even on that of the Californian Coachella Festival, by chaining interviews in the media around the world, has indeed had to deal with an overexposure that he hadn’t really anticipated, nor really wanted. In 2014, in the columns of the British magazine ComplexStromae lamented that it was okay “take a long time to have a normal life”, now that he was famous and much in demand. And by dint of performing in front of his audience in the four corners of the globe, the singer almost burned out. Square root will have been “the best-selling French-language album of the decade” and it will be followed by “more than 200 shows”. For one of his relatives, “he did too many concerts” and that is what led to his downfall, at least from an emotional and mental point of view.

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A forced awareness in 2015

Nearby Parisian in 2022, the husband of stylist Coralie Barbier recognized it himself: “I worked too much, I did more than that.” It took until June 2015 to push him to take care of himself and his health. Hit by violent side effects from an antimalarial drug while in Congo for a concert, Stromae was forced to listen to his body. I was exhausted, everything predisposed freaking out, that’s for sure, but the accelerator was Lariam (famous drug, editor’s note)”explained the artist in a documentary broadcast on France Ô in 2017, stating that he “didn’t realize it”, especially on stage, that he was at his wit’s end. Especially since the young dad seriously considered ending his life. A painful episode which will in any case have allowed him to offer his fans the punchy song Hellwho has helped countless people also suffering from depression to seek support, via the French suicide prevention hotline.

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