He dies in his sleep next to his wife, she notices it upon awakening

PORDENONE – He died in his sleep. His wife noticed it when she woke up. The arrival of the 118 ambulance with sirens explained early in the morning, then the long attempt to revive him. No effect. He died like that Antonio Tieghi69, engineering degree, taken a few years ago as a demonstration of brilliant intelligence and strong determination.
Born in Valdobbiadene, he arrived in Pordenone in the early 1980s. He was a surveyor and the first part of his professional life was in construction sites and construction management. Then at the beginning of the 90s the turning point. He had in fact decided to take care of the security plans. He was one of the first to get involved in a sector that at the time was starting to become more and more important. It was no coincidence that he had achieved great professionalism to the point that he was called upon to solve problems in almost all the great works carried out in the city and in the region. Those were the years in which his two children were born, Gianluca, 32, and Pierpaolo, 28, both from their first marriage. Yesterday morning they were among the first to be informed that their dad was gone.

For several years I had had my professional studio in via Vallona on the first floor of a house that originally belonged to the diocese of Pordenone – Concordia. First he bought the ground floor where the studio was, then, with his new partner, he also bought the upper floor where he now lives together. The house had been completely renovated. A few months ago he had remarried to Sonia Graziani, yesterday broken by grief and in tears when she remembered him. In Pordenone – and not only – from a professional point of view he was highly respected and known precisely because he was one of the first to deal with a sector that today is certainly among the most important for prevention and safety. He had also been president of the Provincial Order of Surveyors.
A great lover of philosophy, he read many books on history and politics and was able to find parallels between the various historical periods. He was a good chess player and as a hobby he loved the bonsai he grew and plants. He was reported to have heart problems and had had an angioplasty years ago. The surgery was successful and has been under control ever since. The only “tear” was the cigar that he smoked on the terrace of the house in the companion of the German shepherd who sometimes crouched at his feet. The other morning his heart betrayed him.

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