He doesn’t know how to program and thanks to AI, he developed an app to “friend” this technology for entrepreneurs

Mariana Constantine is from Misiones, is 30 years and devotes full time (Monday to Friday) finance, he does it in a company that invests Public and private companies in the United States, a few years ago he started studying Civil Engineering (although he did not finish the race) and then went on to a career business Administration, where he specialized in Business Intelligence. Besides he is still studying Design and Digital Animation,

However, what makes Mariana one in Reference And that model – of course – will inspire other people (in fact, this Saturday he will offer a talk sharing my experience in mendoza) is that the young woman has developed innovative app that allows people to get acquainted and “Friend” Together Artificial Intelligence (AI), “I do all this parallel to my work,” he says with a smile.

She doesn’t know how to program and thanks to AI she developed an app for entrepreneurs to “befriend” them. Photo: Illustrative image.

The description is that Marion doesn’t know code or programming language, never even completed any course on this subject. but got a lot AI tools to venture into the field and give birth to first app, As tongue twisters said, Mariana Constantine resorting to oh to make your AI itself that allows people to come and go Learn to work with AI, and he did it with sustainability as a normal thread.

“I started with chatgpt asking him things. because if you see a tutorial on youtube To program, they explain to you starting with the idea that you already have a base, But I didn’t even have that base, I didn’t even have Javascript, so i booted up and while i was watching the tutorial i told him i asked doubt he was born for me chatgpt, He chatgpt it was like me tutor custom, kind rehearsal rehearsal”, the young woman tells.

integrated, not destroyed

there are people who keep it oh he came dystopian future was raised several decades ago by James Cameron In “Terminator” (among others), the scenario in which machines and technology they finally decided to replace him tame the man and his emotional intelligence, figurative, philosophical and in the context of the author umberto ecoThis area of ​​public opinion can be well defined “Disaster”,

But, in the gap he himself made echothere were also “Integrated”, and in front of oh, Mariana Constantine Identifies more among those integrated.

“In my last job I was price analystwhich meant i looked up the prices, i got the orders and there i realized there was a lot Interest in everything that concerns durable product, This is where my trajectory of thought and thought power began. develop something else on the subject that indicates sustainability, but i had barrier huge: i didn’t know how to program”, explains Mariana about how her startup began, sustainability (a play on words between “Durable” and “Capacity”initials ohwhich indicates the exact artificial intelligence,

She doesn’t know how to program and thanks to AI she developed an app for entrepreneurs to “befriend” them. Photo: Courtesy of Mariana Constantin

“I’ve always been very interested in what sustainability and i was working in that company sell disposals, so i started watching Solution There and for a long time I am looking for a way to test my ideas. Wanted to have develop an appbut i didn’t know anything about it programming code, and appears in this context chatgpt And, as humanity, a door opens for us personal tutor”, continues the young woman from Misiones who will highlight her experience in Mendoza this Saturday.

starting from this point oh As a computer system who comes automate tasks What do you want cognitive ability of a human being (such as summarizing or completing tasks), found in Marion chatgpt His great ally,

“He chatgpt was trained in a database through which you can access questions, that’s what i thought bringing sustainability closer to organizations and work on a project about it. it came to my mind develop a page so that everyone can fulfill templateson their basis companies and enterprisesasking to bring sustainability for their titles. Because it also happens that there are many people who are told sustainability And they don’t understand what it is or what to look out for. In this current context, with access to ohit occurred to me that we could bring stability for each aircraft. and turn it into something less abstractDegradable to society”, the entrepreneur elaborates.

Sustainability and AI

not only Mariana Constantine He managed to develop his app sustainability with the help of ohBut the purpose of this project is that people Integrate AI into your day to dayIn this case determining how their enterprises and companies can be more sustainable,

She doesn’t know how to program and thanks to AI she developed an app for entrepreneurs to “befriend” them. Photo: Courtesy of Mariana Constantin

“App” sustainability wants to go to sustainability for organizations so they can start a sustainable strategy, that they know what to buy, what the provider ideal for replacement purchase matrix, so through a Instruction what is given to oh to elaborate something, he is asked to prepare a outline so that a company operates in X- CleanFor example- go main question And its model answer to start and lead the company through path of stability”, confirms Konstantin, who emphasizes that AI generates those templates Considering the category of the company and its name.

Missionary Entrepreneur’s App can be found here first partso it’s testing the idea, gathering feedback and looking Device for the purpose of optimization sustainability, The whole development took them about a month (they started it in late February, while it was already operational in late March.

as he explains Mariana Constantineit was the same oh who allowed him develop app doing all essential question and he was born before her ignorance which he had at the time of writing programming code,

“I was developing, making question for ai, and so i learned how to put button colorcreate text field, This detail is important, because if you have the idea but don’t have a place to train you, your hands are usually tied. Now, with AI as a tutorYou can do it, kick a little, but make it work for you guiding“, in short.

like “apocalyptic”, Mariana Constantine I had – before – to some extent pessimistic and destructive But oh, but he went be familiar With that and integrating it into my day to day is what changed this chip.

She doesn’t know how to program and thanks to AI she developed an app for entrepreneurs to “befriend” them. Photo: Courtesy of Mariana Constantin

“I i entered ai For him Art and I realized it was a great toolAs a tutor, as a student of Digital Design and AnimationWas angry and i thought i was going Being left out of work by AI, Then something crazy seized me, I decided to stop and think about it. and there I realized that the approach is to try, it’s Understand that AI is just another tool And that if you hold her hand, it may be more than a danger to enhance For you,” he thinks out loud.

Having delved deep into the subject, overpowered and managed to switch sides – he became integrated with the apocalypse -, Marion Constantine are encouraged to leave a message to those who are still Fear or are they reluctant oh,

“The key is getting closer But new technologies with open head it’s something that’s already happened before, is that the painters just and suddenly, camera, there was a rejected At first, by then people started doing operate the cameras And this painters haven’t disappeared, same happened with industrial Revolution: the machine came to replace the things that Bodyso people went operate machines Then”, cited the example of Konstantin.

“I will advise for the visitors oh, try to take the exam. maybe it comes streamline some tasks of the human mind. The best advice then would be for people to jump in, watch it and even take it as a Play, Added to this is that most of these things are open, Free, Not all of us have the possibility to pay for a programming course, have a teacher, And this chatgpt AI’s it’s like being one private teacherIt’s unbelievable,” he concluded.

“Technology plus many ovaries”, exhibition of young entrepreneurs

This Saturdaystart on 17 and at the headquarters of eloquence (San Martin 1,175, Godoy Cruz), Entrepreneur Mariana Constantine will participate in nerdconfa meeting that can be well defined ted talkalthough linked to new technologies,

“Technology and Multiple Ovaries” Marion’s exhibition is titled and where she will elaborate on her experience sustainability,

“I think you must have a kind Bravery – That’s why ovaries– For do something newbut without them Fear, you have to do it something like this playful, a game, and put Bravery if fear arises they can open a set of doors, I was scared at first because i thought ai was going to take my job, but now i see that i PredominantAnd I could not do all this alone ”, explains Mariana Constantine About the exhibition he will attend tomorrow.

She doesn’t know how to program and thanks to AI she developed an app for entrepreneurs to “befriend” them. Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto (Illustration Image)

refering to NerdConf, Tomas Octavio -one of the organizers- insisted that it would be a series very inspiring talk And those who leave the teachings.

“they will part 4 speakersand they will focus on artificial intelligence, crypto and any other. event to be considered federated and nomadic, what is being done in many cities of the country, half the speakers from the city where it is done and half from outside. in which case will mendoza have to do Mariana Constantin (Mission) already lucas valegiani (popularly known as flexible) from outside, already Lucas Flores Lucero and Gisela Ferraro From Mendoza”, highlighted Octavio.

while Konstantin will be talked about by name only “Technology and Multiple Ovaries”Lucas Flores from Mendoza will present Lucero how to build a technology based company -A Startup-, The mistakes When someone commits he commits and why do they still have to commit.

“flexible”Meanwhile, he will give a presentation on how to build a company oriented web3 on a community basis, while Gisela Ferraro Will expand upon undertaking in journalism and performance journalism,

already no tickets left To participate in the meeting, in addition, one will networking location so that all participants can connect and get to know each other,

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