He enters the mall bathroom and never goes out, woman found dead 4 days later

A 63-year-old cleaner, Bessie Durham, was found dead in the bathroom of a department store in the US. Her discovery took place about four days after the date of her death.

Archive photo

Archive photo

Last Thursday, September 15, a 63-year-old cleaner disappeared in a US chain store “Belk“, inside the shopping center”Columbiana Center” to Columbia (South Carolina). The following Monday, the woman was found lifeless in the store’s bathroom, about four days after her disappearance. The causes of her death are unknown.

The victim is Bessie Durham, employed by a cleaning company outside the Columbiana Center. The authorities took steps to look for her only after a report of her disappearance brought by her family, she told Vis Tv Melron KellyDeputy Chief of Police of Columbia.

Durham was filmed by a surveillance camera on her way to the bathroom at 7.00am on Thursday morning. From there she never came out. Her body was found around 8pm the following Monday, the coroner said Margaret W. Fisher. His cart was still there. Outside the toilet door.

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Victim Bessie Durham (Facebook)

Victim Bessie Durham (Facebook)

The deepest mystery reigns over the causes of death: Lexington County investigators investigating the case have ruled out the murderous nature of the death. Also discarded the track of a possible drug overdose. In the next few days, the coroner will carry out an autopsy on the woman’s body. Authorities hope that significant new elements will emerge to shed light on the case. However, the hypothesis of death from natural causes has not yet been ruled out.

From what we learn, the shop it was open for all four days following the woman’s death. The police are investigating to verify any non-compliance of the store staff.

In a note released by the management of the chain of stores, Belk (which sells clothing, accessories, cosmetics and home furnishings) expressed its condolences to the bereaved family, reiterating its collaboration with the authorities to clarify the dynamics of what happened.

The Belk store at the Columbiana Center in Columbia (Google Maps)

The Belk store at the Columbiana Center in Columbia (Google Maps)

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