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Which is the most viewed video in the world on Netflix YouTube channel? On the official channel of the streaming platform, there are several videos based around the series Wednesday Undoubtedly the leader. For example, with 39 million views, we find a video in fourth place in which the little icy hand from the hit series walks in New York. And Jenna Ortega’s now-iconic dance scene as Wednesday Addams is second with 56 million views.

trailer in the middle squid game With 52 million views – finally, in the autumn of 2021, half the world wanted to know what was the show the other half was talking about all the time.

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But long before the moving images of these big hit series, it’s a video title Job 25: Divine | sacred game Which is Netflix’s biggest hit on YouTube with a total of 64 million views. But what is behind this video?

Netflix’s YouTube highlight is a music video

Hidden behind this title is a music video of 2 minutes 41 seconds, titled work 25Presented by Indian Rapper divine for the series god of bombay a.k.a sacred game,

novel adaptation god of bombay emerged as Netflix’s first own production in India in 2018. At the center of both seasons is a disillusioned, disillusioned policeman who is suddenly contacted by a gang leader who has been missing for 16 years. It announced to the policeman that he had only 25 days to save his native city from a great misfortune. This action-packed series, which has used a lot of flashbacks, has been a huge hit not only in India but also on the streaming service.

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Song work 25 Does not appear in the series at all, not even shown in the opening or end credits. Nevertheless it became a staple song. Divine, who is also internationally successful and was the first Indian rapper to be featured on a Spotify billboard in New York’s famous Times Square, took the show’s theme song and the dark corners of his hometown, Mumbai aka Bombay, for his song. Inspired by, which is the central point.

number 1 in terms of likes

The fact that Netflix made a music video with the popular rapper and posted it on YouTube about three weeks before the series debuted in the summer of 2018 is considered a genius marketing stunt. Netflix has grabbed attention and found much success in the highly competitive Indian market, where the streaming service has been struggling to make a name for itself.

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And the music video has become Netflix’s biggest viral hit ever—certainly thanks to repeated “watching” of such videos or, in many cases, simply watching it. Listen. But that doesn’t mean we should dismiss the numbers. In fact, apart from the number of views, the music video is ahead in another aspect as well.

He has got more than 887,000 likes. The lead in terms of views is not that big here, but still it is way ahead of the trailer squid game dance scene of (869,000) and Wednesday (845,000).

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