“He favored companies in tenders”, the mayor of Priolo, Pippo Gianni, former UDC parliamentarian today at the Lega, arrested for extortion

The mayor of Priolo Gargallo (in the province of Syracuse), Pippo Gianni was arrested by the police on suspicion of concussion. The 77-year-old mayor is now at the House arrest. The agents of the Syracuse mobile squad and the Priolo police station, together with the Pef Unit of the Financial Police, also carried out searches in the mayor’s home and in the municipal offices. According to the Prosecutor of Syracuse, Pippo Gianni would be responsible for incitement to corruption, attempted extortion, concussion, material and ideological falsity in public documents. For some of the alleged crimes, he allegedly took action in competition with accomplices, both private and public officials, for which the complaint in a state of freedom.

Gianni, former national and regional parliamentarianand former regional councilor forIndustry with the governor Raffaele Lombardowas re-elected mayor of the city of the industrial zone in 2018after having held the position of mayor of Priolo from 1984 to 1991. After militancy in the Christian Democrats, passing from the CDU to theUdcGianni joined the “Lega Sicilia – Italy first”, the island’s rib of the party in August Matteo Salvini. Had been already arrested in the 1994 for extortion and sentenced in the first instance to three years, then acquitted in the second degree and in the Supreme Court: in the meantime, however, he won 23 million lire by playing the “grimaced” numbers of his first degree sentence in the lotto.

Among the accusations that led to today’s arrest, according to the reconstruction of the investigators, “reported to local entrepreneurs, abusing one’s position at the top of the municipal administration, the dation of large sums of money to companies indicated by him in order to favor compliant companies in the field of tenders, according to the public-private partnership formula, guaranteeing them a right of pre-emption over other competing companies “. Pressures that would have been made, again according to the accusation, also “to facilitate thehiring people at leading companies in the Syracusan industrial center “. Give her wiretappingfor the magistrates it emerged that “the mayor, in the course of talks with some managers of the industrial area, threatened the carrying out of penetrating checks and inspections, in the exercise of the competences attributed to the Municipality in the environmental sector, as well as the imposition of pecuniary sanctions to the companies that they represented, if they did not comply with his requests ”, the investigators continue.

Furthermore, the mayor allegedly “imposed on the sector manager the acceptance of an application to obtain the patronage of a public event as well as an economic contribution for the organization of the same, affecting the decision-making sphere of the officer. Similar conduct would have been put in place towards another municipal managerin order to impose the revocation in self-defense of a measure with unfavorable effects compared to the practice relating to a bathing beach on the coast of Priola ”, the accusation continues. And again, “would have ordered the cancellation of penalties to the highway coderaised to private individuals who have requested his intervention, altering the content of the minutes, in collaboration with staff of the Command of the Municipal Police of Priolo “.

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