He found an iPhone 15 in the trash and here’s how he reacted

  • Apple dominates the smartphone market with about 20% global share, positioning itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

  • In 2022, Apple generated more than $365 billion in revenue through iPhone sales, becoming an important source of its total profits.

  • Customer loyalty to the iPhone brand is very high, with a retention rate of over 90%, indicating users’ continued preference for and satisfaction with Apple products.

Apple is world-renowned for its innovative products and has a strong position in the global smartphone market. In the second quarter of 2022, Apple’s market share reached 20.4%, becoming one of the major players in the smartphone industry.

The revenue Apple generates, largely driven by iPhone sales, is impressive. In fiscal year 2022, the company’s total revenue was approximately US$365.77 billion, of which iPhone contributed significantly. This financial performance highlights the company’s strong financial position.

A distinctive feature of the Apple ecosystem is customer loyalty. According to a study conducted by Statista in 2022, the customer retention rate for iPhone is over 90%, which means that the vast majority of iPhone users tend to remain loyal to the brand. This loyalty is due to the quality of the product, unique design and seamless integration between equipment and services.

Apple has always been a pioneer in introducing innovative technologies in its devices. Adding new features and continually improving performance are key elements. New iPhone models are released every year with improved cameras, performance and features, helping to enhance the brand’s continued appeal.

Apple’s economic impact extends beyond its revenue. A report from Oxford Economics shows that in 2021, Apple-related economic activities, including supply chain and applications, contributed approximately 2.7 million jobs to the United States, accounting for 2.4% of total GDP.

Apple’s App Store is an important part of the ecosystem. Over the years, it has played an important role in the growth of the app industry, providing developers with a platform to reach millions of users. In 2022, the App Store celebrated its 14th anniversary, offering millions of apps and billions of downloads.

However, Apple and the iPhone remain the dominant force in the technology market, not only because of their impressive financial figures and market share, but also because of their customer loyalty and their impact on the global economy.

He found an iPhone 15 in the trash and here’s how he reacted

Via social media, a boy was walking through an area in Mexico City where a lot of trash was thrown away, but when he looked at the floor, he saw something lying on the ground and to his surprise, he discovered that it was an iPhone 15. are working simultaneously. 100%.

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What a surprise the boy got because the phone worked great but the only problem was that it had a password.

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