He got a transfer from FC Barcelona. He showed the amount – o2

FC Barcelona has been facing major financial problems for some time. Every topic related to the aspect of the club’s finances arouses considerable interest among fans. Especially when it comes to the earnings of footballers.

Journalist Lluis Canut, on TV3 Onze, revealed detailed information on the salaries of FC Barcelona players. Gerard Pique, who, according to the journalist, is to earn about 30 million euro gross per year, or about 14 million euro “on hand”, was particularly hit.


This would contradict the pre-season information that the club was supposed to have cut salaries. They were said to be as high as 40-50 percent. Canut presented the facts in a completely different way, which was not without reaction from the club and Pique.

FC Barcelona firmly denied the journalist’s reports on the earnings. The footballer, however, went a step further. Pique showed on social media the last transfer he received from the club.

The value of the transfer is EUR 2.3 million. This accounts for 50 percent of a footballer’s earnings for the season, because FC Barcelona players are paid in two installments.


People like him are paid by the public television station to defend their friends. Here you have 50% of my December 30 salary, Pique tweeted.

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