He has 8 Basque surnames and greets with Irintzi.

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The main purpose of First Dates is for its participants to find love or at least begin the search for it. So many blind dates are passing by your table, most likely one of the encounters will be good And that others get it downright wrong.

‘First Dates’ is a program presented by Carlos Sobera. It premiered in 2016, and has been so successful that it has been declared a reference program for Cuatro. Viewers can enjoy it from Monday to Friday at 9:05 PM.

eaters are the ones who get in front of the cameras, almost without any sort of filter or contrast. And it’s that some stories are so amazing that it’s hard to believe they’re true.

The couples of the show go on a blind date, These contestants will have a conversation during dinner in which they will get to know each other and see if they are really compatible or not. At the end of the meeting, They’ll decide if they have similar tastes and want to continue getting to know each other.Or if, on the contrary, they prefer not to know anything about each other.

Pastors come to find love on ‘First Dates’ He is a widower, has two children and his main characteristic is his origin: he is Basque from head to toe., As soon as he arrived at the restaurant, he made it clear that he wanted For a Basque, but by blood, who had 8 Basque surnames like his.

Neither small nor lazy, he has written 8 surnames on a napkin and left it on the bar. Vicky, 57, has also come from North for ‘First Dates’. and it came out A big smile on seeing the paper. couldn’t stop the excitement issued a loud irintzi, a very shrill Basque scream that the priest immediately recognized

As soon as Vicky saw his date, he explained to him like this A man: “Basque, with words and snot”, During dinner he talked about his land and his traditions, about his love for wine, about Bilbao … When asked if he wanted water, he laughed: “I’ll and they tell me Do you want a glass of water? But how do you tell me that, I’m Basque” Vicky said.

it seems that both They understand each other very well in their ‘drunkenness’‘: “You know, if you feel like eating some pot in the old town” Vicky proposes her on a date. we will see This couple’s intricacies end if in a Basque wedding.

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