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from Marco Bonarrigo

Accident for the world champion on track, already continental silver with her companions on Friday in Monaco. The coach of Italy: you have a pain in your shoulder, but you recognized me and asked me for tomorrow’s races. We wait for the plates

Shortly before eight in the evening on Saturday, Suddenly the frost falls on the track of the European Cycling Championships, mounted in a pavilion at the Munich Fair and very crowded by the public. After about ten laps of the women’s elimination test, in the middle of one of the two curves of the velodrome, five athletes crash down on the wood of the ring. Letizia Paternoster, queen of blue cycling, reigning world champion, remains motionless on the ground: she was violently landed at 50 per hour by the Polish athlete who followed her and who threw her against the glass barrier.

The race was stopped, the doctors rushed and immediately realized that the accident was serious. Letizia, the body torn in several places, conscious but immobile: the pain is very strong. It takes two paramedics and two doctors almost a quarter of an hour to stabilize it and transfer it from the parquet to a stretcher, while the area is covered with sheets to avoid inappropriate filming and photographs.

The policewoman from Trentino is given an injection and a drip of painkillers and applied gods neck and pelvis braces. On the side of the track the parents try as they can to reassure her: after half an hour the exit from the plant and the race to the hospital. The racing program was interrupted.
Letizia a little confused, she asked me where she was, but she recognized me – said after the accident the national track cycling coach Marco Villa -. She asked me what races she should do tomorrow. Her shoulder hurts, surely she hit her head too. She asked for some air, they put oxygen on her. Now we wait for the plates. she is still conscious.

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