He is renovating his Texas home but panics when he discovers an object that could end his life.

A Texas resident found a grenade in his home; neighbors in the area were evacuated as a precaution.White Settlement Police Department

On the last day of 2023, a man in Texas discovered a grenade while renovating his home. The discovery was notified to Whitesett Gate authorities in Tarrant County. Agents followed protocol and called the local fire department to check for explosive devices. Meanwhile, residents were evacuated as a precaution.

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The Whitesement Police Department posted on Facebook that they had received a call from a resident concerned about something strange. Agents attended the residence on Lanham Street just after 4pm last Sunday, December 31, to investigate the danger the device may have posed to the community.

They found a grenade while they were renovating

According to agents, the house described as “military-style” where the grenade was found was being renovated and the new owner was the one who found the blue explosive device. Residents near the property were evacuated as a precaution and police called the fire and bomb investigation team from the Fort Worth Fire Department in the north-central Texas city.

The grenade was discovered by new tenants of a Texas home that was being renovated.White Settlement Police Department

Experts arrived on scene and determined that the device was safe as the grenade did not contain any explosive material. However, they said in a Facebook statement that the department protected them. The news sparked widespread reactions on social networks, as some residents assured that the blue devices were for training and therefore did not represent a danger.

In response, the police responded: “Police received calls from concerned citizens. We followed our protocol and notified the Fort Worth Fire Department. Out of an abundance of caution, we had residents evacuate the area. In the day and age we live in, this It’s the right decision.”

It is illegal to possess grenades in the United States

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, grenades are destructive devices and it is illegal to possess them unless registered under the National Firearms Act. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said: “All persons storing explosive materials must notify the fire department with jurisdiction over the location where the explosive materials are manufactured or stored.”

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