“He killed 70 women, forcing children to hide their bodies”

A woman said that her father killed about 50-70 women in three decades: no one has ever believed her, but now a turning point has come.

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For 45 years, Lucy Studey he told everyone that his father had killed dozens of young women and buried them with the help of his children. Nobody ever believed her. Now, however, suspicious human remains have been identified at the points she indicated in a remote stretch of western Iowa. Investigators confirmed this to ‘Newsweek’.

The woman’s story

Lucy Studey herself told ‘Newsweek’: “I know where the bodies are buried“. The woman remembered her as her father, Donald Dean Studeyallegedly instructed her and her brothers to help him as he transported the corpses, using a wheelbarrow in the warmer months and a sled in the winter.

“He just told us to go to the well and I knew what that meant,” the woman added. And then: “I thought it was going to kill me because I would not have kept my mouth shut ”.

According to the woman, her father, who died in March 2013 at the age of 75, may have killed 50 to 70 women in three decades. Lucy Studey also reported that her father not only always made sure her children knew what he was doing, but also forced them to help him with the burials. The woman recalls that her father had said of a victim: “The bitch deserved it“.

The discovery of the investigators

Lucy Studey was joined at the investigation scene by Fremont County Sheriff Kevin Aistrope, two officers, a dog trainer and two search dogs. “I believe 100% that there are bodies in there“, Aistrope himself told ‘Newsweek’.

The animals sniffed suspicious human remains in Thurman, Iowa, about 40 miles south of Omaha, the site indicated by the woman. The FBI also joined the search.

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The searches of the alleged victims of the serial killer have also been entrusted to police dogs, who have smelled suspected human remains.

What Lucy Studey does today

Lucy Studey, who recounted the horrendous crimes in which her father, Donald Dean Studey would be the protagonist, now lives using her married name. ‘Newsweek’ has agreed to withhold the woman’s new name.

US police

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