He kills the commander and barricades himself in the barracks, taken brigadier of the carabinieri – Lombardy

Was stuck at dawn from the raid of the special units of the carabinieri in the barracks of Asso (Como), after an unsuccessful night of negotiations, the brigadier Antonio Milia.

It was barricaded since late yesterday afternoon, when he shot the commander, lieutenant Doriano Furceri, found dead inside the station with his service pistol. Arrested, the brigadier is accused of murder and the attempted murder of a GIS soldier, whom he hit with a bullet in the knee in the excited phases of the raid.

The blitz took place shortly before 6 this morning, after an Arma mediator had tried in vain to persuade Milia to surrender for almost twelve hours, he was armed and barricaded behind the armored door of the barracks, where they were also released after hours of anguish a carabiniere woman, who was in a dormitory of the barracks, and the families of the other soldiers who in any case never found themselves in danger.

The sergeant will be interrogated already in the next few hours to allow investigators to shed light on the reasons for his gesture. Married and with three children, Milia had been hospitalized in the psychiatry ward of the Hospital of San Fermo della Battaglia (Como) as suffering from psychological problems and subsequently discharged and placed in convalescence for several months. He had been readmitted to service following the judgment of a Hospital Medical Commission, a health organization outside the Arma, and after copious medical-health documentation from a public hospital. He was currently on vacation.

Lieutenant Furceri is also married and with three children, transferred to Asso from the province of Lecco. Before arriving in Como, the killed non-commissioned officer had served for some years in Bellano, from where he had been moved due to environmental incompatibility. In the historic center of the town on the eastern shore of Lake Como some writings against the military had appeared: “Hands off the wives of others”. It is not known whether these accusations are in any way connected with the gesture of Brigadier Milia.

Lieutenant Doriano Furceri he did not want to put Brigadier Antonio Milia back into service after being suspended for psychiatric reasons. According to what emerges from indiscretions in investigative circles, this would have been the triggering cause, the reason that led the brigadier to have a discussion with the superior up to killing him. Milia had been suspended in conjunction with the arrival of Furceri in Asso, last February: a measure taken by the top management of the Como Company following some alarming behavior, which had brought out a suicidal tendency of the military, apparently, due to a crisis in relations with his wife. His service pistol had also been removed. Until the last few weeks, when Milia got the green light for reintegration into service by the medical commission of Milan, without any limitation. But the lieutenant Forceri did not consider him in such a condition as to be able to return to work, so he had forcibly put him on vacation. Hence, most likely, the friction and the discussion that resulted in murder yesterday afternoon.

The pain of the Carabinieri for what happened in the words of the commander general, Teo Luziwhich in the name of all the Carabinieri, “gathers around the victim’s family, guaranteeing the maximum transparency in ascertaining the facts and offering the best wishes for a speedy recovery to the GIS operator who was injured “.

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